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A Wool Peggy skirt...


The lovely Melanie from her blog, Theseedsof3  has kindly taken the time out to answer a few questions about her wool Peggy skirt.  I am totally drooling over Melanie' Peggy skirt, I can't wait to sew myself  a similar one  when winter comes around again. The heatwave here lately  has me day dreaming ( Or i may be possibly delirious from the heat)  about the  cooler days, woolen coziness, scarfs, comfort food  and all the sewing projects i hope to sew up for myself . I love summer but at this point in time,  43 degree days is cause for crazy town and totally  don't lead to any productivity at all with anything, especially with sewing! 

So take it away Melanie, i'm off to dream deliriously about wool fabric :)

What type of fabric did you use? What inspired your choice of fabric?

I used a foresty emeraldy muted green wool blend. It was a fantastic choice, a nice neutral color to go with any top I want, but warm and snuggly with tights for the colder months. 
I really wanted some green Harris tweed, but, that's hard to come by in my neck of the woods. I wanted a classy fabric that was neutral (for my wardrobe) so I can mix and match it with all my tops. Sewing Peggy was my first step toward building a ensemble wardrobe.


Did your  Peggy skirt   live up to the image you had in your mind?

Yes, yes, and YES! She is super fab! Those pockets, that waistband, oh, oooooh, tab buttons on the sides, squeeeee! I had been wanting to 1) make a high waisted skirt, 2) try a lapped zipper, 3) make something with waistband tabs, and 4) make more neutral separates for my wardrobe. Peggy checked ALL of them off with a smile!


How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern?

Well, she already reflected my personal style pretty well, so I didn't do any hacking or major alterations. I decided to go with the straight waistband this run through, but I will probably go with the curved one next. 
I played it safe with buttons on this one since the wool was hard to coordinate with buttons that didn't get lost. Next time, I will add a POP of color for buttons, and maybe pocket linings, especially since they gape a little and you can see inside them a teeny bit.


Tell us a bit about your making process, any tweaks you made?
  • I chose view A, the straight waistband with the cute button tabs
  • I cut a 16 waist and graded to an 18 hips.
  • I cut size 18 button tabs to give them the most visual impact possible
  • I added 2″ of length to the center back and graded to 0 at the side seams to help cover my ample backside

  • Image

 What thoughts do you have about the project?

I totally love this skirt. It is the skirt I was dreaming about in my mind and now I have it.

 I have some khaki poplin that I WAS going to make a different skirt with, but now it is in my Peggy Box :-) I will probably end up with a black/navy/gray one too (whatever I decide for "basic neutral"), but ALL with have button tabs and fantastic buttons.


Are you planning any future Peggy skirts?
Oh , yes, see above :-)

Thanks Melanie! 

If you have the time definitely go and check out Melanie's blog Theseedsof3  and get all inspired up over there!

Oh yeah, you may or may not have noticed a slight change on the blog here, i took the time to schmancy the old place a bit, make it easier to navigate and find stuff  and just make it  heaps better! 

I hope you like it  and if you have any thoughts on things you would like to see on the blog, tutorials etc then just let me know!



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