Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Stella sew-along #5 - Pockets and done!

 Here we are sew-alongers  with the final post for the Stella sew-along! Today's post is all about those cuter than cute pockets, which we will be assembling and stitching them onto the bodice.

Before we get started though, below is the list of all the previous posts in the sew-along if you need to recap on any part of it:

#1 -Getting Started
The great thing about these pockets on the Stella blouse is they give you a chance to get a little bit creative, especially with the pocket tabs. Pick out some contrasting fabric ( use up some random stash fabric)  for the pocket tabs as well as pick out  some super cute buttons for them as well. The options are endless.  I  especially love Heathers version of the Stella blouse with the contrasting black pocket tabs, not only do they highlight the design feature of the pockets but also accentuate ( in a good way!) the waistline/hip area, so classy!

Ok so go and grab all of your pocket pieces and lets get started with assembling the pockets.


1. Press under 5/8'' on the left side and bottom edge of each of the pockets (8).


2. With right side together, stitch each pocket tab (9) pieces together leaving the notched edge and straight edge open as shown in the image.


3. Trim the seam and clip at the small dot at the pocket tab end curve.

4.Turn the pocket tab right side out and give both tabs a good press with a warm iron.

5. Stitch the right side of the pocket tab to the wrong side of the pocket (8). Trim the seam and press the seam toward the pocket tab.




1. Turn under 5/8'' on the remaining raw edge of the pocket tab and top stitch around the entire top edge of the pocket band.

2. Insert a buttonhole where marked onto each of the pocket bands with your machine.

3. Pin each pocket tab to the outside of the front of the bodice along the marked line and matching it up with the front waistline dart.

4. Stitch the pocket to the bodice front by stitching around the pocket edge, on the right side.


5. Hand stitch two cute buttons onto the front of the bodice, matching them with the pocket tab buttonholes you have previously created.

Give your Stella blouse a final good press and you're done! 

That's it for the Stella blouse sew-along! Next up the super fun part of showing off our finished Stella blouses! Make sure to upload your Stella to the Flickr group by next Tuesday for a spin on the blog here.

Its been fun guys, real good times :)  I hope you all had fun and thank you so much for joining in with me and sewing along with the Stella blouse.



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