Thursday, 6 February 2014

What's new with Bluegingerdoll...

A quick post, lovely folks to let you know whats new with Bluegingerdoll:

Product reviews of each pattern are NOW AVAILABLE in the shop!

This is exciting stuff peoples, not only will this be super helpful for those of you who are pondering whether or not to buy a pattern, you will be able to read reviews from other sewists  who have had the actual experience of  sewing up the patterns. In my opinion, this will be more of a valuable gem of knowledge to you,  than if it was coming from me. 
I also miss a lot of the blog posts on the patterns, comments here and there on twitter etc  so in setting up the product reviews in the shop i hope to be able to collate/catch a few of these lovely comments that are floating around out there.

If you've  brought a Bluegingerdoll pattern past or present, and have loved sewing it up then please take the time to leave a review in the shop. I would totally appreciate it and even a quick few words would be awesome and helpful! You will find the review option at the bottom of each product. You can also check out the shop now and have a read of the reviews  that are already on there on some of the patterns.

Peggy skirt styling inspiration

I have also being playing around with some styling inspiration with each pattern, using Polyvore.  I have had styling ideas floating around my head all the time and more so when a new pattern is released. Its so hard to try and share with you these ideas for example  how i imagined it to be styled/worn, what would look good with the pattern etc.   So i guess you could say this is a little glimpse into my way of thinking  when it comes to what i had in mind with the patterns and a little bit of fun too. Just a little FYI ...Polyvore is totally addictive, BUT  an excellent platform for you to use to  set up some styling collages, mood boards of ideas you may  have.

To share with you these little styling inspiration ideas, I have set up  some  new pin boards on Pinterest for each pattern. Each little style board is roughly based  around different seasons, different events etc  Mind you this is still very much a work in progress,  its a little bit thin at the moment I kind of tend to window shop on Polyvore instead of doing what i am meant to be doing , so its taking a little bit longer , ha!  Also  you will have to use you imagination a little, the exact patterns aren't used in the collages, but you will get the generally gist of the styling idea.

I hope you enjoy these 2 new features, and they make your experience with Bluegingerdoll a lot more awesome!

Also the blog has had a little big of fancy added to it, hope you like?!

Coming up very soon on the blog some very special posts from Heather! So stay tuned for those :)



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