Thursday, 4 July 2013

Update & Sew Along postponement.....

Just a quick post  with an update on the Billie Jean paper sewing pattern.... unfortunately  there is going to be a bit more of a delay with the Billie Jean pattern getting to you peeps.... but  not too much longer.
I am hoping for them to be received next week, there has been  a bit of kerfuffle with the postage and all that garb, that was totally  beyond everyone control. I apologise lots and lots!

This means the postponement of the Billie Jean sew along which was scheduled to start on the 8th of July - i cant see this happening at the moment, for the obvious reason you wont have your patterns.
So at this point in time, just hold tight for me until i can schedule a new sew along date in, which i am hoping it  can be the week after the 8th.

After all this b/s is over with and we happy sewing up the Billie Jean paper sewing pattern, I will get on with releasing all the exciting news that i saved up and haven't been able to tell, while all this stuff has been going on!

Bluegingerdoll will be back on the right track, so stay tuned!



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