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Finishing your seams ....

Hello lovely readers, its been a wee bit quiet around these parts. I have been frantically working on the upcoming Billie Jean sew along tutorials, the new pattern design, among other sewing related things, of course. I am back, and  hopefully on a more regular basis, as  i think i have tamed the wild beast jobs list i had going on!

So to get prepared, refresh our memories and basically just get into the  mood for some serious sewing with the upcoming  Billie Jean sew along i thought it would be helpful to get back to some basics and do a little  post on finishing your seams. I will be doing some more  little posts like this leading up to the Billie Jean sew along, so we are all super prepared.
I hope somewhere along the lines in one of these posts you may find a little helpful tip! And the coolest part you will be able to refer back to these little sewing blog posts whenever you like, during the sew along or at a later date!

On the Billie Jean pattern instruction sheet  i specify to just finish your seams, which is a tad bit general, considering there are few ways to finish off your seams.Below are some of the most common and some of the main ways  i use:

What does it mean to finish your seams exactly?

Finishing your seams is basically securing and tidying up the raw edge of the seam allowance, the most commonly is an 5/8'' allowance. More importantly finishing your seams also prevents the edges from fraying. So after you have stitched your seam using the 5/8'' AND pressed your seam opened, you can then begin to finish the seam edges with one of the methods below. FYI i have only listed the most commonly used, more fancy ones will be covered at a later date.

Pinked seam

* 'Pinking' is basically using  your pinking shears to trim the excess fabric on the seam allowance, and prevent fraying. One of most quick and easy ways to finish off your seams. I use a lot just mainly because it is quick and easy and i it feels like i am kindergarten, doing a real good crafty project with these bad boy scissors.

Overlocking/ Serging

* Definitely my favourite way to finish off my seams, its quick and easy. The Overlocker  trims  the excess fabric and stitches the raw edges nicely as it goes, and it  looks super duper professional once done. Sometimes i also finish my edges as one seam instead of the 2 separate edges with the overlocker, its just personal preference which way to choose to finish them with the Overlocker, i do both. I highly recommend spoiling yourself and buying an Overlocker if you don't have one. Depending on what part of the world you call home, it can be an Overlocker or Serger. It is a worthwhile investment, especially if you are a keen as mustard and addicted sewer! Once you get one you will be in love and wonder why you have waited so long!

Bound seam

*I have done this once or twice, only because i am lazy when i comes to be finishing off the inside of my garments as well as i have done on the outside. But this is a worthwhile way to finish off your garment in a super fancy schmancy way if you are so inclined. Although i wouldn't recommend it on light or sheer fabrics, as  it will add bulk to the seams, and just look plain weird. Basically the bias binding encloses the raw edges of the seam allowance, finishing in it in this way. So just pin it on each side of the raw edge and stitch away!

FYI i am expecting the Billie Jean sewing pattern to be received from the printers today or at the latest Monday! Crossing my fingers that they aren't stuck in customs! But i have a sickly feeling that they are, so this means if they are, there is a high possibility of rescheduling the sew along until they arrive and you get your patterns... see how things roll and i will keep you up to date as soon as i have more up to date info.

 Sorry folks, and  I thank you again for your patience with this massive delay, this was meant to be the easy side of the whole pattern release.. boy it seems i was wrong. This will be the first and last time delays like this will happen to my pattern releases, its too darn stressful for me and you peeps and it makes really unhappy to think of all you waiting on your Billie Jean pattern to be received in the post, that is why i am currently in process of sorting out other alternatives for the patterns.

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  1. wow. nice post and good job

  2. Great post, since I taught myself I am keen to learn the finer points of the sewing :)

    1. It is always good to have a refresher and pick up some new sewing tips!


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