Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Billie Jean paper sewing pattern ........

OK folks.... another shipping update and this is definitely is the final one!

UK, US & EUROPE you gals  will be getting your Billie Jean paper  pattern this week, they have been shipped today!!!Aussie peeps your Billie Jean patterns are following just behind and will  hopefully be in your creative hands by  the end of this week or at the latest early/mid next week - Unfortunately i couldn't get around this, i had to make the decision to split the patterns into 2 orders to ensure there was no more further delay with customs and  getting them out to you, even though there is still a little bit more time to wait for you Aussie gals, trust me this was the only solution i had.. its a long, long story.

I must say  i am  soooooo glad this is nearly over! I  thank you for your patience, i truly appreciate it, this has been a nightmare, and one i didn't see coming....

Now i can get back on track with Bluegingerdoll AND we can get started on the Billie Jean  sew along that i have all ready to go and all the other cool sewing stuff i have waiting on the sidelines!

I also have plans to release the second Bluegingerdoll sewing pattern, very very soon. This would have been out earlier, but due to the Billie Jean paper pattern debacle it has been pushed back a little bit, sad face... but then a happy face, cause there will be another pre-sale for this newbie pattern! And some new packaging designs i have been working on, its so pretty! I will announce this release date soon!

After this debacle with the Billie Jean sewing pattern i have implemented new and (hopefully) improved processes ( i think i have tamed this pattern printing beast)  that will ensure this time around if you buy a Bluegingerdoll paper sewing pattern, you will get it straight away, even during the pre-sale - no more delays with receiving your sewing patterns!!

So please don't let the Billie Jean paper pattern hiccup deter you away from Bluegingerdoll and future pattern releases,  i can assure you it will smooth sailing for all of us and the steep learning curve is done with! There are also some pretty spesh sewing patterns to sew coming soon as well.

In other news......

* PDF PATTERNS - I have decided to pull them  back to the drawing board for the time being,why?  They are proving to be a little bit more, OK a lot more  of a hassle then a convenience - but i don't think you gals will mind, right? This also means the patterns is no longer listed on Craftsy.

* FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE - that's right folks, Bluegingerdoll patterns will be shipped     WORLDWIDE FOR FREE from now on! I like free stuff and i bet you do too! This will be available on the WEBSITE and ETSY.

That's all the news for now! Hope this all sounds awesome to you! Cause I'm excited!

I will post up the sew- along date later on this week :)




  1. Very nice pattern, I think this is a very cute dress!

  2. Ahh! Too adorable! I love it. Having a quality pattern is very important when making a beautiful piece!


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