Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bonnie Pattern Hacks - Make a Tie Neck Version

Hello all!  I'm here to do what I do best, show you how to hack up your Bonnie pattern. So are you ready to give your Bonnie pattern a little twist? 
Today we'll be talking about how to modify the View A neckband into a tie neck version. By simply lengthening the neckband you can recreate this vintage look.

For the tie neck version I'd recommend using a lighter weight jersey.  For example, my sample is sewn in a soy/cotton blend. Any jersey that you'd consider to be T-shirt weight will work fine. Thicker jerseys may be difficult to turn the narrow tie area right side out.

You'll need to use the crew neckline of view A for the Tie neck version. Either length of the pattern is fine. For my sample I've used view A's body combined with the sleeves from view C.

Materials needed - Bonnie pattern, trace paper, ruler (a clear one is best), pen/pencil, scissors. 

Drafting Instructions
Step 1. Put trace paper over the view A neckband and trace the two horizontal sides and the edge with the fold.

Step 2. On the other vertical end draw notches at your selected size. 

Step 3.  Extend the neckband out another 19 inches.. You can reduce this length if you'd like a shorter tie. If the tie is too wide to fit on your fabric, then add seam allowance to the CB edge so that the tie can be cut in two pieces.

Step 4.  Since the tie was traced off the original neckband it already has seam allowance added. Add a grain line to the pattern and cut it out to finish.

Sewing instructions
Step 1. Sew the shoulders of the body together.

Step 2. If you've split the tie into two pieces sew them together at the CB.

Step 3. Fold the tie in half horizontally and sew the edges up to the notch mark on both sides.

Step 4. Turn the tie ends right side out.

Step 5.  Match the middle of the tie to the CB notch on the neckline.  Position the tie notches on either side of the CF notch on the neckline.  It's fine to leave a little space since the knot of the bow will cover it.

Step 6. Sew the necktie together with the neckline, starting and stopping at the necktie notches.

Step 7. Continue on with the regular sewing instructions for Bonnie starting with gathering and then setting the sleeves.

After you're finished, tie your Bonnie in a jaunty bow and channel your inner feisty librarian. Happy Sewing


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