Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Announcing the official Bonnie sew-along! 

The Bonnie sew-along will start on 26th of November and finish up on the 3rd of December

It  will be jam packed with tips on sewing with knits, a whole heap of  really awesome pattern hacks as well as a heaps of other tutorials so you can  sew up an army of Bonnie's for yourself.

If you plan to join in then you can follow the sew-along on the Bluegingerdoll Facebook sew-along page where you can feel free to pop up your progress photos, ask questions or find answers to your questions. 
You can also check out the sew-along happenings on the usual places such as Instagram, Twitter  or the Flickr group. Simply use the hashtag #Bonnie to join in all the sew-along fun.

There may also possibly be some really rad prizes to giveaway, so keep stay tuned for that announcement in the coming days.

Good times ahead, hope you can join in.

 Abby x 


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