Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My new Bernina 1008....

I have a new love in my life.... My new Bernina 1008!
It got delivered late last week, and all long weekend i have been testing it out.... I am in love!
This isn't my first sewing machine, i have been 'trying' to sew on my little basic machine for quite sometime, and it has done its job.... but i  really needed to start stepping up with the big guys, and get myself a new machine. I had been searching around for a while for a machine that was:
 1 - Within my budget
 2 - Would  be easy to use, and  just plain  awesome
3- Last a long time, this is a big investment for me
4 - Not give me any crappy mechanical issues on a regular basis
And majority of all reviews i have read, this beauty was a clear winner!
And it  is a total dream to use,   it just does what it is meant to do - no fancy schmancy stuff on it  that looks  cool, and  you promise yourself:
 'Oh yeah that would be sooo awesome i will totally make something with that amazing button'
but never do.....
It is a total workhorse, built so solidly ... once i sat it down, it was staying put!
You just cant beat good quality.
I  now have the most  perfect button holes with the easy to use  6- step button hole, it is so easy to use! It also  takes any fabric you give it and sews it perfectly  each time, considering it doesn't have an adjustable presser foot pressure.... it so cool!
This machine also opens up a whole other world of presser feet, which i am about to go nuts on and buy them all!  I have been looking around at the Bernina  presser feet available and its like  my  version of heaven! I have already started talking.. no rambling.. about them to people... from the look on their faces... i think i turning into a bit of sewing geek!
You gals got any advice on some awesome presser feet? Do you own a Bernina 1008?What was your first machine,?! When did you find the/your perfect sewing machine?
I'm off to search the net for presser feet, and possibly have a mind explosion about all the possibilities!



  1. I love your machine.

    I'd be lost without mine, but don't use it quite as much as I'd like to.

    I can't say I've ever used a Bernina myself.

    Happy sewing : )

  2. Oh wow, I'm jealous.
    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com


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