Monday, 18 March 2013

Back in the day....

 I have been rummaging through my chaotic sewing room lately and on these rummaging missions, i rediscovered some really cool vintage sewing items that i have been given from my Mum and stuff i have brought along my trails..... I thought i might just share them with you:

I picked this  magazine up on a road trip, in an old antique store ( which was actually a massive warehouse in the middle of nowhere) - unlucky though - none of the patterns were included, but it is so much fun to read - can you imagine having these types of magazines now? Not only are they awesome sewing mags, but they are beautiful, such care taken in the design and illustrations....Check out some of the ads, they are  good for a laugh!



I had curly hair as a little one - a red headed Shirley temple - i wonder if Mum used this?

Gee thank Jack Davey, so thoughtful..

 Not sure i would want to put that stuff on my teeth....
I would have totally went to this course!

This is my fav - Nerve tablets - hahahahhahaha the kids are fun now - what vodka and Valium not cool anymore?

Not only a chocolate ad - but look in the left corner - instructions for women, on how they could improve themselves & their  lives by making chocolate... hang on... that does make sense! ha

I love this ad - so chic, I definitely don't look like that sewing :)

Measuring ruler on the side.. Awesome!

This was my Nana's, Mum gave them to me not long ago..

I'm not going to use them at all, just a keepsake of my Nan

Check out the packaging quality, so pretty..

Again the inside packaging is so pretty but still so practical..



What cool vintage sewing stuff have you picked up? Or had passed down from family members?

 Have a rad week!




  1. I was just visiting my partner's grandmother last weekend and she loaded me up with some sewing gear - and 2 of these home journals were thrown in, one from the 40s and one from the 50s. The patterns also were not included, sad face but great for inspiration, especially for someone that can draft their own patterns such as yourself!

  2. Wow, love your blog and all the gorgeous vintageness! Have nominated you for a Liebster award - this is the post x

    1. Awww! thanks lovely, but i have already been nominated ... probably not fair to hog 2 nominations,and there are heaps of cool blogs out there who deserve a nomination :)

  3. I too was a Shirley Temple toddler, I used to get it everywhere I was taken .. I was also a little redhead :)

  4. Awesome! I new that i wasnt the only one :)
    I do miss the curls though, unfortunately they are no longer..

  5. Vintage ads are the best! Some of the remedies they used to come up with... I remember seeing one and it was made out of cocaine!! x


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