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The Peggy skirt sew-along # 4


Ahoy sew-alongers and welcome back!

Today we will be creating our waistbands and stitching them to the skirt, Yippee! As well as for those of you stitching up View A waistband with the button tabs, i will show you how to create them as well. Then all we have left do tomorrow is our skirt hems! Yay!

Before we start the usual  recap on the past sew- along posts:

#1 - Getting started
#2 - Apply interfacing, create the pockets etc

#3 - Side seams, centre back seams, insert a Lapped zipper

Let's begin, shall we?

Creating the waistbands - All views

I just have step by step photos of stitching up the waistbands for the View B & C waistband's  but the same process applies to View A which is just a  basic straight waistband.

With right sides together, stitch your waistband pieces together along the top edge only, leaving open the bottom edge of the waistband open. Again this applies to all of the waistband variations ( View A, B & C).

With the View B & C waistband design take your time and stitch slowly when stitching the curved and Lip design shape at the centre point of the waistband. 

Trim your seam and turn the waistband right side out and give this seam a good press with a warm iron.

* For View B & C waistband clip the seam allowance on the waistband curve and lip design to help it lay flat and produce an even shape when turned right side out.

Attach the waistband - All views

First off, open up your zipper on your Peggy skirt.

With right sides together, pin your waistband to the skirt waistline edge, matching the skirt with the waistband notches as you pin.Once you have your waistband properly in place, go ahead and stitch it onto your skirt. Finish the seam and press the seam upwards.

To finish the ends of your waistbands so that you have a nice clean finish, fold each of the waistband ends so that the right sides  are facing together. This will seem counterproductive when you do this, but trust me, it works :)


Stitch the ends together. Trim the waistband ends and turn them right side out. When you do this you may have to help the waistband end corners  to sit properly by pushing it out slightly to produce the corner points. I usually just grab anything pointy i.e a pen!


Give both waistband ends a good press.

  Attaching your waistbands. 

There a couple of ways of attached your waistband to the inside of your skirt. 

I will cover both briefly and you can decide which works best for you. 

*Hand stitch waistband in place: Fold the waistband down to the inside of the skirt, folding under the seam allowance as you do. Hand stitch in place from the inside of the skirt using the stitch you prefer. I usually use a slip stitch to do this.

* Stitch in the ditch-  On the right side of the skirt 'stitch in the ditch'  along the same waistband seam line you created when attaching the waistband initially ( The stitch will ideally be  invisible). As you stitch you will also stitching the waistband down on the inside of the skirt. 

Next step is optional but just the same as the top stitching on the pockets it's a nice finish to the skirt.

On the right side of your Peggy skirt, top stitch on the top and bottom of the waistband the entire way around 1/8''.  Again take you time and slowly stitch around the curved and lip shaped design waistbands.

Buttonholes and a cute button

 The final step to finish off your waistband!


On the right side of the fabric, insert a buttonhole using your machine into the left side of the waistband where marked. ( Refer to your sewing machine instructions on how to do this, if you are unsure).

Now overlap this left side of the waistband with your buttonhole, over the right side of the waistband end and match up the buttonhole with the marked button point, on the right side of your fabric.

Hand stitch on the cutest button you can find into this point and you're done!

These next steps only apply to the folk who are sewing up the View A Peggy skirt with the side button tabs. The rest of you who are sewing up View B & C you can skip this part, you're nearly finished your Peggy skirts with only the hem to be done!

OK View A folks, listen in..

Grab your button tab pieces  and place them right side together ( You will have 2 button tabs pieces now).

 Stitch each button tab the entire way around, leaving a small 1'' opening at the bottom of each button tab.

Excuse my rough cutting


Trim the seam allowance around both button tabs.


Turn both button tabs right side out, through the 1'' opening you left. Give you button tabs a good press.

Top stitch the entire way around both button tabs roughly 1/8'' from the edge.


 On the right side of each button tab, insert a buttonhole where marked using your machine.


Again, hand stitch on some cute as buttons onto your waistband and then attach your button tabs. 

Here is how the button tabs should look on your Peggy skirt when done.


Now you can join the other sew-alongers cause you're nearly finish as well! Only the hem to do.

See ya tomorrow :)



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