Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Peggy skirt sew-along #3

Welcome back sew-alongers! Today we will be stitching up our skirt side seams, centre back seam and inserting our lapped zippers, your Peggy skirt should start looking   like a real skirt after today's post.

Just to recap, below are the previous two Peggy skirt sew-along posts if you need a refresher or are just joining us.

#1 - Getting started
#2 - Apply interfacing, create the pockets etc

In the last sew-along post and throughout the rest of the sew-along  i will mentioning A LOT to finish your seams. Most of you will now how do this and will have your tried and true way of finishing them, but for those of you new to the sewing game or in need a refresher check out this little tutorial i did on the most common ways to finish seams. For the Peggy skirt i would recommend either using your serger/overlocker or pinking shears to finish the seams, but it is up to you.

Finishing your seams tutorial

OK, let's get started..

Skirt side seams

On the front skirt you need to baste stitch both of your pocket side edges to the skirt side seam allowance. 

So, starting at the waistline stitch them down roughly  3 1/2'' down from the waistline edge.

Now that you have stitched your pockets down, lets stitch up them skirt side seams.

Right sides together, stitch the front skirt to the back skirt pieces at the side seams.

*As you stitch be careful not to catch the rest of the pocket end below your  3 1/2'' baste stitching in this side seam stitch, you want this to remain free hanging otherwise it will add extra bulk to your skirt side seam.

Trim and finish the raw edges of your skirt side seams and press.

Skirt Centre back seam

Right sides together, stitch the back skirt pieces together at the centre back seam, leaving open the zipper allowance. 
Trim and finish the raw edges of the seams and press.


Insert a Lapped Zipper

 You can find the link to my tutorial here on how to insert a lapped zipper,easily.

There are also a heap of other tutorials out there in the wild on how to insert a lapped zipper if you find that you need more help. It just takes practice to get used to a new technique, so take your time until you get the hang of it, and once you do you will want to insert lapped zippers into everything!

That's all folks for today, tomorrow we'll create our waistbands and stitch them onto our Peggy skirts.

Tell me which waistband variation are you stitching up? View A, B or C?

I would love to follow along with your Peggy skirt progress, leave a comment on  Facebook page or on  Instagram @bluegingerdoll using hashtag #peggyskirtsewlaong ( which some of you awesome folk have been doing!) or  tweet me again using the hashtag #peggyskirtsewlaong.



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