Friday, 15 November 2013

The Peggy sew-along #5

You ready for the final Peggy skirt sew-along post? All we have to do today is hem our skirts and we're done! 

I quick recap in case you need a refresher, below are all the previous sew-along links:

#1 - Getting started#2 - Apply interfacing, create the pockets etc#3 - Side seams, centre back seams, insert a Lapped zipper#4- Creating and attaching the waistbands - All variations

OK let's get started!

Peggy skirt hem

 Try on your fab new Peggy skirt and marked your preferred skirt length. I usually use my dress model to help get an even hem.  My usual ideal skirt or dress length is about 25''-26'' just below the knee for me, which is roughly the length of the  Peggy skirt, but if you prefer it shorter, than by all means hitch it up. if you are making a big adjustment to the skirt length use the length and shortening lines on the skirt pattern pieces, so you don't distort the skirt design. If you only making a small adjustment to the skirt length, you can just do this at the hem edge.

Once you have your preferred skirt length, turn up the hem edge 1/2'' and press down.

Turn the hem edge up again, this time 1'' and press down. Stitch your hem place along the top edge.

Give your new Peggy skirt a good press all over and that's it you're done! 

Feel free to upload your finished Peggy skirts to the Flickr group or Instagram using hastag # peggyskirtsewalong, i would really love to see them all. There are a couple that have already popped on the Flickr group, so go and have a look if you have a chance. I will also do a sew-along finale here on the blog in the coming days.

Its been fun guys, real good times :)  I hope you all had fun and thank you so much for joining in with me and sewing along with the  Peggy skirt.

Not long now till the new pattern is released, the 18th of November folks, exciting times!



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