Monday, 28 October 2013

The Peggy skirt pattern winner!


Here we are again with another winner announcement for the photo caption contest. This contest was so much fun for me, you gals are a funny bunch! I had a blast reading each  and very one of your comments here on the blog, Instagram and on Twitter.. Awesome stuff.

So the comment that make me laugh the most and had me sniggering at my desk at my day job was....

SewBusyLizzy and her comment:

"I wonder if she's going to pour herself into that cuppa....." 

Hahahahaha still making me laugh while it write this post :)

Thanks everyone for taking the time to enter the contest it was great fun.. for me anyway! I definitely there will another of its kind in the future.

Also the Peggy skirt sew-along will be announced in the coming days so hang around for that one.

 SewBusyLizzy get contact with me at for your Peggy skirt pattern, Woo!



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