Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Scout Tee

Some of you may have already seen a sneak peek of my Grainline Studio Scout Tee on Instagram i recently made for myself, but i thought it deserved its own blog post because i'm in love and this fabric is ace. I have worn my Scout Tee 3 times now and its awesome.  I stumbled across Grainline Studio a while ago and have had the scout tee on my sewing list for ages, but never got around to it or had any me time sewing lately.

Sometimes i overlook the simplicity of designs because they are that, simple, but i am finding that i need to remind myself that they are usually THE BEST sewing pattern designs out there.The scout tee is one of these simple design i speak of. It is a perfect platform for being able to go a little bit crazy with your fabric choice or if your not crazy inclined the Tee is perfect to be sewn up a thousand times in solid colors to get you through the warmer seasons. It is the perfect  handmade t-shirt to add to your wardrobe.

Now, I know i could have easily drafted my own T-shirt pattern, but i simply didn't want too, i wanted to support ( And you should too!)  another Indie pattern designer even if it was only a small amount. I'm proud to be a part of this sewing community and also grateful to be alongside some pretty cool designer chicks, who are doing such great things within our little sewing world, Go Indie!

This cotton fabric, which i might just add is amazing but big sad face i only really had enough for a small project like this, it would be perfect for a dress. Its a cotton voile nice and light and super comfy perfect for the upcoming scorching Aussie summers that burn a ginger like me to a crisp in 1 second flat.. thank god for sunscreen :)

The t-shirt is a pretty loose cut and i did find that it wasn't really making my top half look all that good, a little bit on the ole boxy side. I wanted a slight bit of definition without adding darts and while still keeping it as a loose and comfy Tee. So i  just simply added a small inverted pleat at the neckline just to give my boobies and the Tee a little bit of shape, its only subtle but it seemed to do the trick. And its easy to do because the scoop neckline is quite wide.



It totally loves being tucked into  my Chambray Peggy skirt!

This is the Peggy skirt i used to release the pattern to the world, luckily Michelle my lovely model is the same size as me, so all my samples were made up in my size! Win!
 I still made Michelle her very own  Peggy skirt cause i'm nice like that.

I love this Chambray fabric, it is so soft and comfy - only one bad point it creases like crazy at even the slightest movement and ends up looking like i have been sleeping on the street, bad chambray.

I finished the neckline off with some bright pink bias binding for some added fun and the armholes i got a bit lazy and finished them off simply by creating a small hem and stitching it down.
Lazy sewing, YEAH!

This last couple of weeks here in Melbourne we have been having a shit cold snap, it feels like Winter all over again, it's meant to be Spring....I say bring on summer!
Me thinks this definitely will be my summer uniform.

I plan on making a shit load more of these Tee's  for little ole me, its a great basics pattern and i highly recommend this pattern to a  beginner sewer,  hands down easy peasy.

Tell, me have you tried the Scout tee? Do you love it as much as i do?

I will also be announcing the date of the Peggy skirt sew along, i'm thinking starting it next Monday,  thoughts?



  1. you look really lovely in that blue skirt!
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