Friday, 19 July 2013

Billie Jean sew-along schedule ......

First up a massive thank you to all of you for getting on board for the upcoming Billie Jean sew-along!
Hopefully by now your Billie Jean pattern has arrived in your letterbox! If not i promise it wont be  too far away, and will definitely arrive before the sew-along starts!

 I am so excited to kick it off and get started, but more so  to reach the end and see all of your finished Billie Jean dresses! 

As promised below is  a rough schedule for the upcoming Billie Jean sew-along schedule, basically what you can expect during the 2 weeks! Starting on the 24th July - Next Wednesday! I will be posting on a regular basis, but don't stress about trying to keep up just sew at your own pace, the sew along will be forever on the blog for you to refer back to at anytime you like!

I plan to smash out both of the Billie Jean dresses during the sew-along..... Both dresses will be worked on at the same time,  due to the fact the Billie Jean bodice is the same for both of the dresses, it is only the skirt that differs. So I hope to see equal amount of both dress versions!! I am yet to see a Billie Jean wiggle dress!

So here is what will be happening during the sew-along:

Week 1

* Finding your size

* Material requirements & buying your fabric ( i think most of you already have the perfect fabric, ready to go!?)
*Cut-out or trace pattern, pattern modifications, testing fit the bodice with a muslin
*Prepping the pattern pieces
*Assembly of both bodice's & bodice linings

Week 2

* Prepping the skirt pieces
* Assembly of both of the dress skirts & lining
* Assembly of both dress i.e attaching bodice & skirts, zips, hems etc
Final finishing touches

During the sew along we will discuss the intricacies of sewing the Billie Jean, pattern adjustments, along with some tricks and tips I've discovered while developing this pattern. While this could probably be described as an intermediate pattern, I firmly believe anyone can make both of these Billie Jean dresses, and anyone will be able to after the sew along is done!

At the end of the sew-along, we will be showing off all your lovely finished Billie Jean's here on the blog, as a little giveaway thrown in the mix.

Remember to join up to the Flickr group, before the sew along kicks off next Wednesday, a
nd  grab the button on the right for your sidebar, and invite your friends to sew along, and  use the following hashtag  #BillieJeansewalong on Instagram or Twitter to check in with your fellow sewists!

If you need any help whatsoever before the sew along starts you are most welcome to get in contact with me here on the Blog, Facebook or Twitter.





  1. This will be my first sew-along and I'm super excited. I have fabric for both versions but think I'll make the wiggle version first.

    1. Oh awesome! I cant wait to see your wiggle dress, i think you will be the first! ;)


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