Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Billie Jean paper pattern & Sew - along - Part 2!!

Woohoo! I  got home last night and found a huge box on my doorstep  filled with the Billie Jean paper sewing patterns! Finally.... you cant imagine how relieved i was, finally  they were here! They look awesome and i am mighty proud, after all my hard work, battling all the hiccups and delays along the way, finally they were on my kitchen table in all there glorious pattern - y goodness...
It is still quite unbelievable that i have done this, i do have to pinch myself that i have created an actual pattern.. if you had said this to me  a year or so ago... i would have told you to stop being ridiculous! As if!

So i got busy packaging them up all pretty and ready to send out to all the Aussie folks.... that have been extremely patient  and i am so appreciative of this.....It was very satisfying to package them all up, i felt very accomplished!

They are ALL on their way today to you  in the post all safe and sound!

This means i can finally commit entirely to setting the sew along dates! Phew...

The Billie Jean sew along will be scheduled to start on the the 24th of July,and finishing up on the 7th August ( plan to have your Billie Jean completed by the 6/8, so i can round them up, for the big finale show off on here).
Two weeks is enough time to sew yourself  a gorgeous Billie Jean dress or two! This  date will  ensure that everyone has enough time beforehand to get their fabric and things sorted and ready to go to start.

I will release the sew-along schedule and the basic run down of what will happen during the 2 weeks in the next day or so, so in the meantime ladies pencil in the 24th of July for the Billie Jean sew-along start date! I am excited! It is going to be a blast!

Remember also to join up on Flickr to participate in the sew-along. Even you aren't participating in the sew-along, you are welcome to join up as well and have a squizz at all the lovely Billie Jean's.
For those of you participating you can post your progress on your dress or dresses, ask any  questions you may have, seek help if you need, or just have a good ole yarn to each other and maybe make some new sewing friends!!!
I will be checking in regularly to the group to help out, but i encourage you all to lend a hand  and help each other out as well and be positive and encouraging whilst doing so - Remember not everyone has the same skill level and sew- along's are meant to be fun! Once you join up, introduce yourself  and say Hi to everyone!!

At the end of the sew along all your finished Billie Jean dresses will be featured on here, and i might just have a few prices to giveaway too!!!!

So grab the button on the right for your sidebar, and invite your friends to sew along!

Remember to use the hashtag  #BillieJeansewalong on Instagram or Twitter to check in with your fellow sewists!

I cant wait to see all of them on you gorgeous gals! I think i might just shed a tear...Remember to check back regularly for all the news!!!

I also have an amazing surprise being released into the world very very soon....I cant wait to show you! And remember to also sign up the NEWSLETTER so you can be in the know about all of the upcoming sales and  discounts in the shop!




  1. I'm waiting by my door impatiently for this pattern to turn up - I don't think I've been this excited about a pattern for a long time!

    1. Oh your so cute! I confirmed that your pattern was sent, it totally should be with you very soon..... :)

  2. Mine came a couple days ago! I am in love!!!! Can't wait for the sew-a-long!!!! Congrats doll :D


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