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I though a little post about fabric suggestions and for the Billie Jean dress wouldn't go astray considering the  upcoming sew-along, starting this Wednesday the 24th ...And would also be nice to get a little inspired before we start!

So how to go about buying the right fabric for your Billie Jean  sewing pattern?
First place to check out is the suggested fabrics list on the back of the pattern.
For the Billie Jean dress i have suggested the following fabrics for the dress: Cotton & cotton blends, Shantung, silk & silk types, Sateen, but this is only a general overview of what fabric would suit, in other words the only fabrics i would steer clear of stretchy fabrics, i.e jerseys etc and also too heavy fabric especially for Dress 2 with the full gathered skirt.. it would be a huge skirt!
 For the lining i recommend lightweight fabrics, i have used a lot of cotton voile & batiste for my Billie Jean dresses, due to the fact i have made them to be worn in the warmer seasons, and also for the comfort, but the lining is not limited to this at all.

So head on down to the fabric shop and go crazy! But don't forget your other necessities for sewing up the Billie Jean dress: 22'' Dress zipper & Matching thread, pins, scissors,measuring tape, ruler and marking tools.

Now also a good idea when considering your fabric, you should also keep in mind the actual design and structure of the dress i.e the bodice design, the structured neckline, the sleeves, the fullness of the skirt gathers, the in- seam pockets etc take these things into consideration  when you are fabric shopping or if you are like me you will end up walking out the door with bundles of fabric which you brought in your 'hazy hyperventilating fabric daze' you get whenever you go  fabric shopping.... C'mon you know you do! The perfect fabric  also comes down to the consideration of the  basics, shin digs you can wear it to, colors that will compliment you, comfort, and most importantly which shoes will match! Just keep all these things in mind when picking out your perfect fabric, and you'll be a happy camper.

So without further ado i am going to subject you again to all my Billie Jean dresses i have sewn up, to give you an idea of the fabric possibilities for this sewing pattern, and also some inspiration:

100% printed cotton,bodice  lined in a white cotton voile

Silk type fabric, not too sure of exactly what it is ( in my stash), dress is fully lined in cotton voile - Oh so comfy!

Again 100 % printed cotton, dress is fully lined in cotton batiste.

This fabric is similar to Shantung, but i fail to remember exactly what it is...

Below are some  fabrics i would highly recommend for the Billie Jean dress and to be honest i would love to see a Billie Jean dress is any of the below fabrics!

  * Gabardine

A cream coloured Billie Jean wiggle dress, now we're talking.. schmancy!

FABRIC1 COTTON Blend GABARDINE Solid Sweet Cream 64 x 160 3.13-lb

*  Seersucker

Definitely  more suited  for Dress 2 to compliment the skirt gathers.

BETSEY JOHNSON Rose Print Stretch Seersucker. 48" wide. 1 yard.


Is this not the most amazing vintage-y inspired  seersucker you have ever seen?

* Chambray

I have been fantasising about making the Billie Jean dress 2 in Chambray and wearing cowboy boots kind of a mash up of Lucille Ball, Daisy Duke and Dolly Parton, Ok i possibly shared too much then.. anyway   check out this cute dotted Chambray:

Online Fabric Store

*Cotton eyelet 

Not sweet enough? Sew up a Billie Jean dress in cotton eyelet then:

Assorted Eyelet Fabric

Last but not lease - BLACK  LACE, can you imagine a Billie Jean wiggle dress in black lace with a cream underlining,  with the  scalloped edge as the hem.... We are talking super schmancy, ladies!

Black Lace Fabric Cloth Black Floral Cotton Lace Gauze Lace Embroidery Fabric Black Flower Fabric Lace Heavy - a half yard

So lets just say that the Billie Jean dress is completely versatile and definitely a blank canvas so  you can go crazy  and sew up anything you can imagine!  I have now currently  sewn up 6 Billie Jean dresses ( and counting)  and still haven't tired of the possibilities with BOTH of the dresses! And don't just stick to the vintage-y inspired fabrics, both dresses would totally rock some more modern fabric designs.

Check out the back of you pattern for all of the fabric requirements and sizing, and go fabric shopping ASAP!

I am also big on stash busting and using what you already have at home, so if you have some suitable fabric at home, use it! As well as anything you can find. I have recently been gifted some amazing vintage bed sheets that are in  perfect condition. I  have just used some of it to sew up another dress     ( blog post kinda soon) , but the rest will become a Billie Jean wiggle dress! Howzat for thrifting!

Let me know... what fabrics have you guys picked out? Vintage or modern inspired fabric? Bright and bold colours? Or light and demure? Wiggle dress or Full gathered Billie Jean dress?

Remember if you are participating in the sew-along to join the Flickr group, and keep an eye on Twitter  #BillieJeansewalong and also Facebook  for updates, news or if you have any questions.

See ya on the 24th for the start of the sew-along!




  1. I think you just made me want an eyelet Billie Jean. ;) But I'm out of money this month so I'll be stash busting with either cotton or silk.

  2. This Sew Along is going to be great fun to fdollow!!

    1. Totally! The best bit will all the finished Billie Jean dresses, cant wait ! ;)


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