Thursday, 10 October 2013

New Billie Jean Envelope packaging & some bargains....

***Thank you all 3 x copies of the Billie Jean pattern in the old packaging have now been sold!***

So i have finally had time to update the Billie Jean envelope packaging so it matches the Peggy and Mae pattern packaging designs. So why am i telling you this? I know its not the most exciting post, but just bear with me while i self indulge a little cause I'm mighty proud of this packaging that i have created, I MEAN I LOVE IT! The whole gang looks COOL now! And i just wanted to share you with the new happenings around the Bluegingerdoll head quarters.

When i first released the Billie Jean pattern i wasnt too keen on the envelope design that eventually came back from the printer, i wasnt feeling it. After months of designing and trying to create pattern packaging that i felt really reflected Bluegingerdoll and would also compliment the patterns i was designing, i eventually came up with these envelopes and this design. I finally felt this new pattern packaging  exactly reflected what Bluegingerdoll was about, cute,pretty and a little bit vintage inspired but still very functional, just like the pattern designs.

The new and improved Bluegingerdoll gang!

OK, thanks for letting me be a little bit self indulgent there! As they out with the old and in with the new, this is the real reason for this blog post. I currently  have 3 copies of the Billie Jean sewing pattern in the old packaging that needs to go! All the information is EXACTLY THE SAME on both the pattern sheet and the instructions its just the envelope design that's different.  Sooo i'm popping these 3 x Billie Jean   pattern copies up on the website today at a discounted price. Its first in best dressed folks, if you want a copy,  then i suggest you be quick.  I  do  want them gone  as soon as possible and onto their new sewing homes!

 So if you have been eye balling  the Billie Jean pattern and don't mind about the envelope packaging  then this is your chance to pick it up at a bargain price!!! :)

So what do you think of the new Billie Jean envelope design?



  1. I love the new packaging, but happy to receive a discount on the pattern :-) Thanks Abby.

  2. It is so cool to see all your little babies (patterns) together! How exciting!

    1. I know! Finally everything is coming together ;)


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