Saturday, 3 August 2013


I am very excited  to able to  finally introduce to you  the brand new Bluegingerdoll sewing pattern, MAE,

'Mae is a  romantic 1940's  inspired blouse. Featuring a flattering scalloped front neckline design, kimono sleeves and fitted front and back waist darts for a flattering feminine figure. Mae is suitable to a variety of fabrics, able to be worn tucked in or out and is ready to you take  from day to night.A button down back closure finishes off this lovely blouse.A versatile and easily adaptable blouse  that is wearable in all seasons, day or night, and suits a variety of different fabrics. 

Wear MAE tucked into your cutest skirt, or un-tucked with you fav pair of jeans.

The pretty scalloped neckline falls into a flattering 'V' shape.

The kimono sleeves are perfect for the warmer seasons, and oh so comfy!

The fitted front and back waist darts accentuate the waist for a flattering feminine silhouette.

The cute and stylish button down back closure gives the  MAE blouse some more added sweetness.

A slight flare at the hips, adds comfort and flatters for an hourglass shape.

I have also been busy with  the all new Bluegingerdoll packaging, I have gone all out and re-designed  the whole lot! I am really excited and extremely happy with the end  results, i feel the packaging now  reflects the personality  and beauty of Bluegingerdoll and all that it embodies.

The sewing pattern envelopes are now a whole lot sturdier, with an easy to close and cute button tie up closure. You will be able to store your patterns easier and for longer, these envelopes are tough! The  pattern sheet has also undertaken a re- design as well and is now printed on a more sturdier paper, that wont rip as easily as some tissue paper and will be able to withstand pinning it to your fabric, pattern weights etc.
Your Bluegingerdoll patterns are going to last a whole lot longer!


This time around you will receive your MAE sewing pattern ASAP!  They are ready to ship now!
The  MAE pattern will only to be available as a paper pattern.

To celebrate the second sewing pattern release for Bluegingerdoll, you will receive 10% discount off the MAE pattern for the next week, until the 10th August 2013.

Use the coupon code LOVELYMAE2013 in the ETSY  shop and on the WEBSITE  to receive the 10% discount.  

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING is also available!

Hope you like MAE! Thanks for your support!



  1. That blouse is just so adorable! And the new branding is fantastic. Congrats lovely lady!

  2. ohh la la THIS looks exciting :) :) :) very very pretty

  3. Gorgeous! I love the scallop neckline - very pretty. :-)

    Nice new packaging too - great idea to have the button-and-tie closure.

    1. Thanks! The button and tie closure is awesome, keeps your patterns nice and safe in their envelope ;)

  4. Love the pattern! How much fabric is required for someone who wears a Colette size 12? And thanks for sizing patterns for D Cup - no FBA required for me know!

    1. Howdy! Thanks again I'm glad you like the pattern! ;)

      The fabric required for a size 12 is:
      45''- 1.80 yards
      60'' - 1.60 yards
      36'' - 0.36
      Size 12 measurements are:
      Bust 39
      Waist 31
      Hip 40

      I will upload the sizing and fabric requirements for the MAE patterns in the coming days!

      Hope this helps in the meantime!

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  6. gorgeous... added to the wish list!!! love it :-)
    Am gearing up to sew my billy jean too, all prepped for a sewing session tomorrow!
    thanks for sharing

    1. Cool! I'm glad its added to your wish list ;)
      Have fun sewing the Billie Jean! Cant wait to see when it is finished!

  7. Great job!!! A great follow-up to Billie Jean. I'm so proud of you, Abby!

    1. Aww thanks heaps Lady! I'm so glad you like it, your lovely comment means a lot to me, as well! ;)


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