Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lapped zipper tutorial

 I thought i would share with you a technique that i use quite regularly on all my garment creations, a lapped zipper, and also step into tutorial land... so please be kind!
Inserting a lapped zipper was the first way, i learnt to install a zipper, another cool technique from my mum! Thanks Mum :)
 I have dabbled with invisible zippers, but i keep coming back to lapped zippers, mainly just for that classic finishing touch on a garment... and they are just beautiful .. i think!
And also they are also used in majority of vintage patterns i would say.
So give them a spin for a true vintage garment, and after reading this tutorial you will find they are easy to install as well!
 If you don't know what a lapped zipper, well here is the definition of it:
 A finished lapped  zipper has an overlap on the left side of the opening that covers the zipper completely from view. .....Easy peasy!
So here we go, here is what you will need: 
A zipper foot for your sewing machine & normal dress zipper.

Step 1. Sew the seam up to the zipper opening.

Step 2.  On the both left & right sides of the zipper opening, turn the seam allowance under 5/8” and press.

3. Starting on the left side, pin your zipper in place, 3/4'' below neck seam. Make sure the  zipper teeth are just next to the fabric’s fold. Pin through the zipper tape as well.

Step 4. Install the zipper foot on your machine and start stitching the zipper in place, stitching right on the fold and close to the zipper teeth edge.

Check it out, 1st row of stitching complete!

Step 5. Close the zipper and pin the right side of the opening in place so that its fold just matches the line of stitching you made in step 4, and covers the zipper from view . Again pinning through the fabric and through the zipper tape.

6. Open the zipper up, and start stitching, following your pin line.

7. When you get to the bottom, close the zipper and pivot to stitch horizontally across the base of the zipper. I always back stitch a little, just to secure that beauty in place!

 Check out this awesomeness!

See how the lapped fold covers the zipper?! Cool!

Just an example of what it will look like when folded down  along the neckline.

 Snip off the leftover zip on the inside of the dress, below your stitch line, of course!

Whats your favourite sewing technique?
 I hope you give lapped Zippers a go and also add them to your sewing repertoire! Cause their ace!



  1. I shall bookmark this so I can come back and have a go next time I do a zip, as I always have trouble inserting them xx

    1. Awesome! Just follow the steps, and with a little bit of practice and you will an expert!

  2. Whew you have made it seem so easy! I have more faith in myself to do it with my Billie Jean now! :)

    1. Tis easy! Just take it slowly and before you know it you will be a pro!


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