Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bluegingerdoll Vintage Inspired Sewing Patterns

Yep you read it right, introducing:


Vintage Inspired Sewing Patterns

This is a very exciting announcement for me to make to you all!
I have been keeping quiet for such a long time.. but now the time has come .. YAY!
Bluegingerdoll vintage inspired sewing patterns will be officially open for business in the next couple of months, with the first pattern up for sale!
They are beautiful, vintage glamour designs inspired by the 40s and 50s with a little bit of a modern touch. They  are flattering for every shape and size and are comfortable and practical to boot!
They are and will be  designs for you to make again and again and then let your imagination go wild and create your own gorgeous versions.They will become staples in your wardrobe, and always the dress to grab for any occasion.They are made for pin up's, rockabilly chicks, the everyday gal , and  anyone  who wants and loves  that vintage glamour!
I have been working frantically for the last 6 months getting this business up and running, designing, testing, sampling, organising all the much needed but boring business side of things and maybe throw in a bit of daydreaming and panicking moments as well, then me wondering if i am really am going insane! Oh and working a full time day job... And trying still trying to sew and make things for the shop ...its been a bit icky at times :) 
Ahh but it has all been worth it and is so very exciting for me. Starting my own sewing pattern  business has been a dream of mine for a long time, i have  just procrastinated, put it into the too hard basket - but as i am coming up to the big 30 next year, my    priorities have and are still shifting as to what is important to me.  Creating this sewing pattern  business allows me to have the opportunity to be   doing something i love and isn't it   just plain awesome!
It is also a great feeling to push slightly against the grain and make your own little wayward path in this world.
 I also wanted to share the patterns that i have created for myself  with everyone, as they are  just to gorgeous not to share with the world... if i do say so myself!
So I hope you can  join me  on this  ride, and show some support for a little Aussie gal!
Keep your eye on the blog, Facebook (hopefully the website soon  as well ),  over  next couple of months for news on Bluegingerdoll sewing patterns,  the first sewing pattern release updates, behind the scene sneak peeks, and just some plain old insane fun!



  1. How fantastic! Congratulations. I can't wait to see it.


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