Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Winifred sew-along # 7 - Assemble and attach the belt and hem the sleeves

In today's Winifred sew-along post we're going to keep the full steam ahead sewing going. We are so close to finishing up our Winifred's, with tomorrow being the final post for the sew-along! Woo!

Before we begin, below you can find all the previous posts for the sew-along so far:
So let's start today's post with stitching up the cutest part of the Winifred dress, the belt.


1. Right sides together fold each belt section in half lengthwise. Stitch the horizontal open edge of the belt closed, but leave the vertical 'end' of the belt open.  For the right side belt stitch the end following the shape of the belt. For left side of the belt stitch across the end in a straight line where marked.


2. Trim seams on both belt sides and cut off the surplus on the left hand belt side end.

 3.  Turn both belts right side out and give them a good press.


1. Baste each of the belts to the side edges of the front dress, right sides facing and lining it up with the back elastic waistline. Remember the belt is designed to basically cover the elastic on the back of the dress. Keep in mind too when basting the belts to the dress, right side to right side and left side to left side of the dress for each of the belts.

2. Right sides together and placing the belts into the inside of the dress, pin the dress front (1) to the dress back (2) at the side seams.  Stitch the dress sides seams together in one continuous seam from underarm to hem ( View B stitch the sleeves from the sleeve edge to hem) catching the belt ends ( which are basted into the dress side seams) on the seam. Make sure to keep the rest of the belt clear of the stitching line.

3. Finish the dress side seams and press.


Hemming the sleeves applies to both views of the Winifred dress.

1. Hem the sleeves by folding  a 1/4'' then another 1/4'' again, press it down and then  stitching this  folded edge down.

Turn your Winifred dress right side out and you're hitting the final stretch!

Tomorrow's sew-along post we will be finish off our belts and attaching the slide buckle and then all that's left is to hem our Winifred dresses! 



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