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Good morning sew-alongers!

Today's sew along is the last one for the Billie Jean sew-along, so today we will be hemming our Billie Jean dresses and all the final finishing touches, and then we are done! Very exciting!

For the last time here are all the previous sew-along posts:

#1 - Getting started
#2 -  Full Bust Adjustment
#3 - Assemble the bodice
#4 - Assemble the skirts
#5 - Dress 1 - Bodice to skirt
#6 - Attach the lining

#7 - Dress 2 - Side seams and attach bodice to skirt 
#8 - Dress1 - Centre back seam, skirt vent & Lapped zippers
#9 - Both dresses  - Side seams & Hand stitching 

OK, lets get started:

Step 1 - Both dresses - Hand stitch the bodice lining to zipper tape edge 

This step applies to both of the Billie Jean dresses, we need to hand stitch down the bodice lining to the zipper tape, to finish off this edge. I recommend using a 'Slip-stitch' to do this, and it what i use to always hand stitch my bodice lining down at the zipper tape edge.

So a little run down of a 'slip-stitch':

A 'Slip-stitch' is an almost invisible stitch formed by slipping through the thread under a fold of fabric. 

There are different types slip-stitches, I  will  using an 'Uneven slip-stitch' to attach the bodice lining to the zipper tape. Which is basically joining a folded edge to a flat surface IE bodice lining to zipper tape edge.
 Below is an example of  an 'Uneven slip-stitch'

*A slip-stitch is usually invisible once done, for demonstrative purposes i have pulled  the stitch open slightly in the photo for you to see it properly and how the slip-stitch threads through the fold of fabric.

Slip-stitch your bodice lining to the zipper tape edge, starting at the bottom of the zipper.
The same process applies to both dresses bodice lining.


Lets hem our dresses! The same process of hemming applies to  both Billie Jean dresses and the Dress 1 lining.

First up you will need to work out your skirt length on your Billie Jean dress. There is enough room to move in both of the dress skirts to allow to you shorten as much as you want. My preferred  dress skirt lengths are either just above the knee or just below, which measures around 25-26 inches. There are many ways to mark your hem length, i use a my dress model which has a hemming tool already attached, but use what ever method suits you. Once you have your chosen skirt length, we can start:

Fold up the bottom edge of the skirt 1 cm and press.

Fold the hem up again 1 inch and press down.
 You will now have your hem nicely pressed ready to be stitched, with no raw edges showing.

Stitch your hem in place, by stitching along the top edge of the fold hem edge.

* Repeat these steps for the Dress 1 lining, but make your lining 1 inch shorter then the dress shell.

If you are sewing up Dress 1 of the Billie Jean dress, this is last little sewing task to do before you are finished! With the wrong side of the lining facing the wrong side of the dress shell, tack a few stitches at the top of the lining skirt vent to the top of the dress shell skirt vent, to keep it in place.

Last but not least, give your Billie Jean dresses a final all over press.

Phew we are done! This is officially  the last sew-along post, but you have until tomorrow to finish off your Billie Jean dresses and  upload your photos of them onto FLICKR, for me to collate and show off in a finale on the blog, and giveaway some prizes!
I hope you have sewn yourself some beautiful Billie Jean dresses, and feel lovely and glamorous while wearing them!  Most of all i hope you all had heaps of fun, i know i did and thank you to all that participated, it has been such a cool experience! I cant wait to see all the pretty dresses!

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