Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Mae by Meg...

Introducing another gorgeous Mae blouse, sewn up by the awesome Meg.

Meg is another one of my lovely pattern testers, she just recently tested the Billie Jean sewing pattern, see it here in all its glory in Las Vegas!! Yeah baby!  Yet again she has come through with the goods and dazzled me again with here sewing talents. She has created a beautiful casual version of the Mae blouse, which goes perfectly with jeans!

I might just  let the photos do the talking, enjoy!

I love the contrasting fabric for the facings, looks adorable.

The stitching detail on the front, is such a great idea i might just nick it for my next Mae blouse!

Check out Meg's blog and read about her take on the Mae blouse and all the other sewing goodies on her blog, she is one super talented sewing gal!

Also on a side note in relation to the Billie Jean finale, it seems only a couple ended up uploading photos of their finished Billie Jean dresses over the weekend, so i have a bit of a sad face about that.... i was so looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of peeps in new fancy Billie Jean dresses! So in saying this i don't really have enough for a blog post to share with you, so if you still want to have a peek, check out the Flickr groupOh well, not to worry though, because  those of you who did upload your Billie Jean photos  and blew my mind with such gorgeous dresses, and  there is  a little something special  on its way to you in the post.. a little hint, it will go brilliantly  with your new Billie Jean dresses!!!

Hopefully on the next sew-along we can get more on board and participating, cause it is heaps of fun and i really enjoy doing them, and of course  show some more photos! At least i hope that some of you out there in the great yonder have found some new helpful sewing tips and inspiration from the sew-along ;) Feel free to still upload your photos to the Flickr group if you'd like.



  1. Very cute version and I also love those little contrast facings.

  2. Very nice blouse! I love the neckline and contrasting facings. Buttons down the back are so different, I like it.


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