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Today's sew-along post we will be attaching our linings to our Billie Jean dresses. This process of attaching the lining applies to BOTH of the Billie Jean dresses i.e Dress 1 is fully lined and Dress 2 only the bodice is lined.

First up here are the last sew-along posts:

#1 - Getting started
#2 -  Full Bust Adjustment
#3 - Assemble the bodice
#4 - Assemble the skirts
#5 - Dress 1 - Attach the bodice to the  skirt 

So here we go, lets attach out linings:

Step - Attaching the lining

 I decided to use the below image, instead of taking photos of this step in the process, as it is a lot clearer to understand the actual  process of attaching the bodice lining to the bodice shell.

With right sides together, lay the bodice lining on top of the bodice shell, this applies to both of the Billie Jean dresses.
 Align all the neckline and armhole edges and pin in place at the neckline and armholes.
Stitch the lining to the bodice shell at the armholes. Then stitch the bodice lining and bodice shell together at the neckline, starting and stopping at least 1/2'' - 1'' away from the bodice back edge to allow for the zipper to be inserted.

Trim the seams at the armholes and neckline.

Turn the entire dress right side out, by pulling the lining through the at the shoulders. This turned out to be incredibly  hard step to photograph, without confusing the process even more! So i do apologise that i don't have an actual photo of this, but the below image shows you the point in the shoulder to pull through the lining. It is a bit of a squeeze, especially when pulling through the whole Dress 1 lining at the shoulders, but it does work, just pull it through slowly!

Once you have the dress and lining right out, you will need to press the neckline and armhole, to get a nice finish. If you like you can top stitch the neckline for a little bit extra fanciness!

That's all folks! Next up is  Dress 2  we will be stitching up the  bodice side seams, and attaching the bodice to your awesome full gathered skirt... its gonna look like a real dress, pretty soon!

Sew-along recap:

Dress 1 - You  should now  have  the dress lining attached at the neckline and armholes, and completely pulled through at the bodice shoulders, and nicely pressed. You will also still  have your side seams left un-stitched and also the centre back skirt seam.

Dress 2 - You should now have your bodice lining attached at the neckline and armholes, and completely pulled through at the bodice shoulders, and nicely pressed. You will have your  bodice shell and lining side seams still  un-stitched.

Check in with your fellow sew-alongers on Twitter using hash tag #billiejeansewalong , Facebook or over on the Flickr group...... I am already starting to see some pretty amazing Billie Jean's being sewn up out in the wild!

Happy sewing!



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