Sunday, 9 June 2013

Show & Tell : Paunnet...


I was lucky enough to have Anna from Paunnet review the Billie Jean sewing pattern for me, and seeing all of Anna's previous sewing projects i knew her Billie Jean would be a stunner! I couldn't wait to see the final Billie Jean, the suspense was killing me!

It was a great way to start a long weekend, when Anna finally sent me photos of her finished Billie Jean.

Anna chose a sweet gingham for her Billie Jean dress 2, and added a really cute idea....  a sweet bow detail on the back bodice.

Check out Anna blog Paunnet for more info about her Billie Jean, and all the other fabulous things she has sewn.

On side note some very exciting news.....

An update with the printing!!!!!!! WE ARE ON TRACK! No hiccups or delays with the  printing, it has all gone smoothly, i am hoping that the patterns will be on their way to me in the coming week! I'm so excited to get my hands on the actual paper pattern, and you guys are probably too! 

Sums up my excitement

So what about a Billie Jean sew along? Any takers? Possibly around the start - mid July? What do you think? Which dress would you prefer? Or Both?

 Remember to join the Bluegingerdoll Flickr and have a peek at all of the lovely Billie Jean's being sewn up,  talented gals out there i guarantee you will be inspired!

Have a great weekend



  1. Wow, this is one of my favorite dresses so far! I love it! btw: new follower here, I just went through most of your posts in an hour! Love your pattern. I would really love it if you passed by my new sewing blog and followed along. I also have a threads magazine giveaway right now!


    1. Thanks for dropping by! Glad you liked your stay ;)

      I'll stop by yours ASAP! ;)

  2. Anna make such pretty things! The gingham makes this so fresh and girly, I love it!


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