Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tutorial: Say no to Slip stitching (Attach a bodice lining using your machine)

As promised, today i'll demonstrate how to attach the bodice lining into the Odette dress  using your machine.

 You can use this method in most lined dress patterns to avoid slip stitching the lining to the zipper. This is faster, more durable way to attach a bodice lining and also gives you a really professional finish. And if you're anything like me and always trying to get out of hand stitching wherever possible, then this technique is your ticket outta slip stitching town!

You may need to practice this a few times as well as with any new skill you learn but i promise its easy and you may never slip stitch again! Less of course you want to.
  So here goes.

Following the Odette pattern instructions, at this point your bodice lining is attached to the bodice shell at the neckline.
Place your bodice lining and bodice shell  right sides together.

 Align the bodice shell and bodice lining together at the center back seam as well as at the waistline seam, 'sandwiching' the invisible zipper in between the shell and lining fabric.

Pin the bodice shell and lining fabric together along this center back seam. You can see in the photo below the bump of the zipper  sitting in between the bodice shell and bodice lining.

Now you're ready to start stitching the bodice shell and bodice lining together. Pop  a zipper foot onto your machine and start stitching as close to the zipper tape (which you will be able to just feel) and start stitching  from the neckline down. Stop your stitching roughly 3/8'' from the bottom edge of the waistband. You'll notice  when you start stitching on the left side of the bodice you will easily be able to stitch down to the waistline, when you get to the right side i flip the bodice around and start my stitching from the waistline up towards to the neckline, this just makes it easier and less fiddly. Again, remember to start you stitching 3/8'' up from the bottom edge of the waistband if you do flip the bodice around.

Once you have stitched up both sides of the bodice shell and lining,  turn you bodice right sides out.Below is  a close up of what it will look like from the right side after your stitching.See how the zipper is 'sandwiched' between the shell and lining fabric.

Give the bodice neckline and the back center seam (where you just stitched the bodice lining) a good press and voila! No more slip stitching! Your bodice lining is securely in place.

Easy right?!


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