Friday, 24 October 2014

Tutorial: How to make thread belt loops

I don't know about you but i'm a big fan of adding belts to skirts and dresses either to change up an outfit or add something a little extra special.  I do this a lot with fit and flare dresses, which in their own right accentuate the small of the waist but i find wearing a cute thin belt with them flatters even more. In saying this though, there is  nothing worse than wearing a belt and having it either too tight, which pulls at the fabric or wearing it too loose and it keeps on slipping down. Your answer to this little conundrum is: Thread belt loops. 

They're a cinch to make and you'll be making a heap in no time!

Cut yourself 6 strands of thread roughly about 5'' long each.

On your machine change your stitch to zig zag, use a stitch width of 4 and a stitch length of 1. Simply zig zag over six strands of thread while holding them taut.

When sewing the thread loop, pull on both ends of the threads while sewing slowly. This helps you keep them in place as the needle zig zags over them.

Below is what you'll end up with when done.

Close up.

With a large eye needle, thread the thread loop through the eye. 
This is a little tricky and might take a bit of working to pull it through.

 Below is the final belt loop attached to my Odette dress, simply just threaded through at the side seams.

 Grab your favourite belt and thread it your new belt loops.

Not only can you make these and use them as belt loops you can also use them as french tacks on lined garments or as lingerie guards.



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