Wednesday, 13 August 2014


The Winifred pattern is now (finally) available in a larger sizes range of: 4-24. I've been meaning to do this for quite sometime and after numerous requests from some lovely customers and now being able to find the time to update the pattern.. its done! 

 Winifred  is the first pattern to be updated this larger size range which will be the standard size range for Bluegingerdoll  and eventually the rest of the pattern gang, Mae, Peggy, Billie Jean and Stella will be updated to also incorporate the larger sizes too. Both PDF & PAPER patterns are available in the new size range. You can also still pick up a copy of the patterns in sizes: 4-18 (if preferred).  Just simply make the selection in the shop between the sizes either :4-18 or 4-24. Eventually sizes 4-18 will be phased out and sizes:4-24 will only be available.

 If you have previously purchased the Winifred pattern in sizes: 4-18 and would prefer the larger sizes:4-24 then please send me an email: and i can provide the updated version of the pattern  in the form of the PDF pattern format (only).



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