Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Inspiration: Betsy

The Betsy & Ava blog tour and fabric inspiration post  most probably gave you an explosion of inspirational brain juices on sewing up your own rockin Betsy skirt. So i'm going to keep on, keeping on with the inspiration side of things with some cool and different ways to wear a pencil skirt like Betsy skirt pattern

Starting off with come vintage inspiration of some leading ladies who knew how to rock a pencil skirt.

50s inspiration: Marilyn Monroe Pencil Skirt

Suit up a Betsy suit in a divine wool fabric.

I think this is my favorite length for a pencil skirt. Check out those heels!

The vintage look not really your thing? You can still totally rock a pencil skirt with more of a contemporary, casual vibe.

I'm in love with this look, converse and a leather pencil skirt.. be still my beating heart!

Splash O color?

Got Curves? If you followed along with the Blog tour you had seen some gorgeous gals rocking their curves in the Betsy skirt. Have a read of some of their blog posts, such as Melissa from Scavenger Hunt about her hesitation sewing up let only wearing a pencil skirt. The Betsy skirt is designed for us ladies with killer curves. For added inspiration  just take a look at the curvy beauties below.

Christina Hendrick

Image via Pinterest

Kim Kardashian Curvy high waisted pencil skirt. Gosh she has the most PERFECT body ever.
Image via Pinterest

Curvy women long pencil skirt and cropped top with while blazer
Image via Pinterest

Curvy Fashion Find: Pencil Skirt from Rue 114
Image via Pinterest

Still not enough va va voom for ya?  Then what about a little bit  leather (faux) action  pencil skirt to finish off the sexy thang you got going on.

nadia aboulhosn: Quilted Leather Pencil Skirt
Image via Pinterest

Red Leather Pencil Skirt by Moiology
Image via Pinterest

Curves in a leather pencil skirt.... Similar to my 21st birthday outfit idea
Image via Pinterest

Miranda Kerr, killing it in all black and a leather pencil skirt
Image via Pinterest

So tell me, how are you going to wear your Betsy Pencil skirt?



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