Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Winifred sew-along - starts 17th March 2014

Gather round folks, the Winifred sew-along will start on the 17th of March! It's going to answer all of your questions you may have, as well as  hold your hand the whole way through while we sew up some amazing, gorgeous and comfortable Winifred dress for us to rock everyday!

Leading up to the 17th i'll post details on the sew-along here on the blog such as  things you need, fabric suggestions, inspiration, how the sew- along will flow etc and you can also let me know if you there is any you specific that you may want to see in the sew-along,  tutorials for example. Within reason folks, i can't actually sew you a Winifred dress :) And i will be dragging Heather into the sew-along too with some her tweaks she did on her Winifred dress here. Doesn't her Winifred dress look absolutely divine on her?!

So note this down in your calendars and start getting excited cause  i am!  And remember there is 10% off the pattern ( both paper and PDF ) until this Sunday.

Also i just have to say a MASSIVE THANKS  to all of you that have purchased the Winifred pattern.  I never anticipated it being so  popular with you gals, i keep pinching myself in disbelieve! All your orders are keeping me extremely busy at the moment, OK most likely into the next week! Also all the  kinds words and support from all of you is just so heart warming and makes this pattern gig worthwhile.  So a huge thank you,  to all you lovelies  i truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart that you have taken the time to buy a pattern from me and i can't wait for all of you to receive your Winifred patterns so you can enjoy this awesome dress too..... I can't wait to see start popping out there in the wild!

So stay tuned!


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