Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Winifred sew-along # 4 - Sewing time!

Howdy sew-alonger's!  Hopefully you're all making progress with all your fitting, pattern adjustments and  sewn up a worthy muslin/toile and are ready to start sewing?!  Because in today's post we are starting just that,  the fun part of  sewing up our Winifred dresses, yay!

Before we get started, below is a recap on the previous sew-along posts, in case you need to catch up or are just joining us:


OK let's get started on sewing up our Winifred dresses!


1. Right sides together, stitch the two halves of the dress (2) together at the center back seam.

2. Finish you seams and press it open.


1. On the inside of the dress measure your natural waistline across the dress back bodice only.

2.Take the back waistline measurement and add 2'' to it for the seam allowance. 
Then cut 1'' wide bias ( single fold) bias binding to this length.

3. On the wrong side of the dress lay the bias binding, wrong side down on the marked natural waistline. Pin into place making sure the bias binding is lined up with the dress side seams.

4. Stitch the bias binding in place along edge side edge ( top and bottom) and as close to the edge as you can. Leave both bias binding ends open.

You have just created a casing for the elastic to live in!

5. Cut a length of elastic 3/4 or 75% of your back dress waistline measurement, including 2'' for the seam allowance.

6. Attach a small safety pin to one end of the elastic and pull it through the bias binding casing, starting from either side. The elastic should fit nice and snugly into the bias binding casing but  make sure there are no twists as you pull it through.  

***Tip: Use a loop turner to latch into the safety pin on the elastic and pull it through.

7. Once the elastic has been inserted into the bias binding casing, hold both ends and stretch it out gently. This will get rid of any twists that may have formed. Also evenly spread the gathers along the back of the dress.  Secure both ends of the elastic in place along the dress seam allowance, remember to back stitch to keep the elastic secure, as it will take a lot of stress through wear and you don't want it popping out!

Last thing to do is trim the side seams of the elastic and bias binding and you're done for this sew-along post!

Tomorrow's sew-along post Heather will be showing you an alternative to the elastic and casing, on how to add smocking to the Winifred dress.

Until then happy Winifred dress sewing!

Don't forget to share your progress on the Facebook sew-along group, Twitter or Instagram using the hastag #winifred.



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