Thursday, 27 February 2014

Tutorial: How to make Rosette Brooches

Hey there Gingerdolls, it's time to have a little fun with fabric scraps.  If you're anything like me there's a giant bag of fabric scraps in your house that just can't be parted with.  Making fabric rosettes is a fun way to use up the long/skinny scraps you have laying around. Today I'll be showing you how to make a rosette brooch. 

Warning - Once you get the hang of folding rosettes you might not be able to stop.

You'll need, fabric, rotary cutter, ruler, and a hot glue gun. It's best to start with a non-slippery fabric with a little body to learn the folding.  Save the silk chiffon for when you go pro.

1. Cut a fabric strip twice as wide as you'd like the rosette to be. I've cut a 2" wide strip here with a rotary cutter and a clear ruler. The length will determine how big the rosette is.  You'll want a decent sized piece, but no particular length is required.

 2. Fold the fabric strip in half length wise and tightly roll the end a little bit.  Secure this roll with a little hot glue.

3. Fold the fabric strip at a 45 degree angle.

4. Roll the end up to the fold and tack it with a little hot glue.

5. Fold the fabric to the 45 degree angle again, in the same direction as the first time, and roll the center up to it again. The folded points become your petal points.

6. Continue folding and rolling the fabric, securing it with hot glue as you need. I like to glue every time I've rolled up to a fold.  Stop when the rosette is a size you like or when you run out of fabric. Tuck the end under and glue it in place.  You can use the rosette as is for give it a little extra embellishment.

7. Cut a strip of contrasting fabric.  The width I used was 1 1/4".

8. Run a gather stitch along one edge and start gathering it into a circle.

9. Glue the fabric in a circle shape and trim the gathering stitches.

10. Glue the rosette on top of the ruffle.

11. For a nice clean finish on the back, cut a round of felt and glue it over the gathering stitches.

Glue a pin back over the felt and you've got a fun little brooch to dress up your me-made creations.

Happy Crafting - Heather 


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