Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Let's chat - The Bluegingerdoll community forum is now up and running!!

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Hey guess what?

I created a brand new and fancy forum for us to chat! Yeah Woo!

So why did i set up a forum, you ask? I love this small but ever growing and supportive Bluegingerdoll sewing community that has come alive in the last couple of months. If you had told me this time last year that i would be chatting to some pretty cool sewing peeps all over the world about the coolest shit ever  i would have laughed in your face and told you that you were ready for the asylum. So i want to keep this fun little community going and make it stronger and more awesome then ever... cause you gals are ace!

Creating a forum for Bluegingerdoll has been in the back of my  brain for quite sometime,  it was just one of those things that just keep jumping into the 'too hard basket', don't know why cause once i got around to doing it... i mumbled this to myself  'Wow good one Abby so not hard at all..... mental note to self burn that too hard basket shit'.

The forum is for having awesome chats about Bluegingerdoll patterns, share your sewing tips and experiences on sewing up the patterns with others, get into the nitty gritty of  fit & pattern adjustments if that's your thing, ask that burning question you have been meaning to ask or show off that incredible fabric you found that you just to rub in everyone else s faces cause its so gorgeous and it can never be found anywhere else in the world!  Y'know you have some and you sooo want to do it! Hell... you can even talk about your newest pair of shoes that you brought to wear with your Billie Jean wiggle dress Ok.... you probably get the idea?! Right?!

Simply, i would love this forum to be a place where you can find some sewing help for Bluegingerdoll patterns, meet some new sewing friends, have bit of a giggle, share the progress of your sewing projects, or maybe learn some new sewing skills. A safe place for all to join and feel comfortable in asking any question, oh and share where the best fabric in the world can be purchased from!

I probably don't need to say this, so i apologize if this is so bleedingly obvious, but i feel i have to just in case someone people aren't grown ups yet and  don't know how to play nice with others:

No meanies, haters or for that matter any kind of negativity in the forum thanks! Any whiff of this kind of crap in the forum, you'll be on booted out ASAP, ok? :) Think safe, happy and fun place.
Ok i said it, i feel better now.

You can find the forum link on the website, here.

So feel free to join up and introduce yourself and start chatting! I very much look forward to speaking to you all .. cause at the moment I'm a  'scott no friends'  So come save me! :) 

I have started a new thread today already, cause i'm keen as mustard, check it here and let's get the convo going.

See ya there!



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