Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Do a little dance y'all cause we are heading towards the finishing line!!!!

Today is the second last sew-along post, Yay!  I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and creating some gorgeous Mae blouses!? I am starting a see a flurry of Mae blouse hysteria around the blogosphere and i soooo  can't to see them all when they are finished, they look amazing.

So today's post we will be attaching our armhole facings and stitching up the bodice side seams.

Quick recap, yesterday's post was all about stitching on the neckline facing and creating that perfect signature scalloped neckline on the Mae blouse. If you have finished all of those steps, than read on...

Attach the armhole facings 

Before we attach the armhole facings to the bodice , we need to finish the raw edges of the armhole facings, in the same way we did on the neckline facing. 
Once you have tidied up the raw edges we can attached the armhole facings to the bodice.

Step 1. Right sides together, pin the armhole facing to the bodice armhole. Stitch armhole facing to the bodice. Trim and finish the seams.

**Tip: If you aren't a fan of the finishing your armhole with the facings that are  included with the Mae  pattern, you could simply finish them with some cute matching or contrast bias binding and achieve the same clean edge finish.


1. Open the armhole facings away from the bodice. 
2.Right sides together, stitch the bodice side seams together .
3.Finish the seams and press.


Now that you have stitched up the bodice side seams, you can now turn the armhole facings to the inside of the blouse and give them a good press. Just like we previously did with the neckline facing, we will also tack the armhole facing to the shoulder seam, to keep them in place and nice and secure.

When you have finished the above steps, your Mae blouse should now be looking pretty much well done, except for the hem and the buttonholes and buttons on the back, which we will cover in tomorrow's final sew-along post.

Until then, refresh your sewing mind with  what you can win once the Mae sew-along is all done and dusted:

1 x $50 fabric voucher from Sewbox.
Check out the  beautiful range of fabrics they have in stock, this voucher will get you some pretty cool fabric for your stash.

1 x $35 voucher from A Fashionable Stitch,  for you to spend on anything in this fabulous shop which stocks lovely,  hard to find and unique sewing notions. 

1 x Pattern voucher, for you  to pick out any  pattern of your choice from the  Indie Stitches shop. This indie pattern shop  caters for you, the lovers of Indie patterns as well as  supports all of us indie pattern designers!

Ahh how exciting, i hope  these prizes have inspired you to sew up a most f***king gorgeous Mae blouse EVER!!!

Reminder, if you haven't already done so, you need to join up to the  Flickr group, so you can upload your final Mae blouse to go into the running to win these awesome giveaway prizes... Go on quickly now ;)

OK lovely folks see ya tomorrow for the final Mae sew-along post! Woo hoo! 



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