Sunday, 15 September 2013


Apologies for missing a post yesterday! Friday night we had some unexpected new additions to the family, 6 of them to be exact! Puppies! Our dog, Winnie went into labour Friday night and continued to give birth well into the  early morning of Saturday, the last pup was born 5.30am. So no sleep at all, for roughly 24 hours. Saturday i was absolutely  delirious and  completed exhausted. And without  any sleep we  had to make a trip to the vets to make sure everything was fine with Mum & pups, as well try and get one of the pups, a super tiny little guy to start feeding off Mum. He was having just a little bit of trouble getting the hang of it and was bottled fed for quite a few hours. So after all that excitement/delirium/stress  a sew-along blog post was the last thing on my mind. 
So without further ado, I'm going to share some photos of the  very proud new mum and her adorable new babies (4 girls and 2 boys).

 I will warn you, massive cuteness alert coming up!!


Everything has settled down today, everyone is happy and getting into a routine so  i am ready to get stuck back into it the sew-along.
Just to re-cap, the last sew-along  post we got all our prep work done,  got our facing pieces all fused up ready to go,  stay stitched our necklines  and also stitched up our darts on the front and back bodice pieces. So this post will be tackling the back bodice back edges as well as stitching up the shoulder seams.

Let's get started, shall we? 

 Back edge 

1.On both sides of the bodice back edge, fold under a 1/4'' edge, to the inside of the blouse. 2. Stitch and press.

Shoulder seams

1. With right sides of the blouse together, stitch the front (2) and back bodice (1) together at the shoulder seams.
2.Finish seams and press open.

A nice and easy sew-along post this time.

Happy weekend everyone, I'm off too check on the brood ;)



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    1. Oh my god! Sooooo exhausting, such a roller coaster ride.. worth it though, cause they are super cute :)


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