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It's sew-along time again folks! 

This time round  we will be sewing up the Mae blouse together. I am very, very  excited about this sew-along, because this time round a couple of gracious and very  generous sponsors have jumped on board and donated some fabulous prize for you guys to win!

So I hope you're  ready to join me in this sew-along?!

Lets get started and  cover the important business side of the sew-along first...

Start & Finish:

Write these down...

Sew-along starts: 11th September 2013 - Wednesday 
Sew-along finishes:  18th September - Wednesday 

Plenty of time to get sorted before we start, with choosing  your fabric and grabbing all the necessities to  join in. 

If you haven't yet already pick up a copy of the pattern, you can do that here.

The sew-along will run for a week and i will posting everyday throughout. It is quite a quick blouse to sew up so a week is more than enough time to get it done.

Can ya sew?

If you are a newbie on the sewing machine or have been sewing for yonks, then the Mae blouse suits you all. The Mae blouse is rated as a beginner pattern. And if you  are a little unsure of sewing up the Mae blouse and the possibility of tackling the  button holes in the back of the blouse and a scalloped neckline, don't fear I'm here too help!  We  will be covering these during the sew-along, and i  will be holding your hand the whole way through. Hopefully you will pick up a few new & neat sewing skills along the way as well.

How this sew-along will roll:

For the week that we shall sew the Mae blouse together, we will follow the below schedule:

September 11th:

* Getting started with the MAE sewing pattern, buying your fabric, sizing,  tracing your pattern etc

September 12th:
* SBA & FBA adjustments

September 13th ( Friday the 13th!)
*Cut your fabric, apply interfacing, stay stitching & darts

September 14th
* Shoulder seams, back bodice edge & neckline facings 

September 15th
*Attach the neckline facing and  sewing with scallop the front neckline

September 16th
*Armhole facings and  attaching and  bodice side seams

September 17th
* Hem

September 18th
 *Buttonholes & buttons and the final  finishing touches & finish!!

Win some prizes!

Let's get to the good bits of this post and check out the giveaway prizes.  Again, I have been extremely lucky to have  these sponsors on board supporting the Mae sew along, they're ace!

So listen up folks, there are  3 prizes to be given away to 3 lucky winners:

1 x $50 fabric voucher from Sewbox.
Check out the  beautiful range of fabrics they have in stock, this voucher will get you some pretty cool fabric for your stash.

1 x $35 voucher from A Fashionable Stitch,  for you to spend on anything in this fabulous shop which stocks lovely,  hard to find and unique sewing notions. 

1 x Pattern voucher, for you  to pick out any  pattern of your choice from the  Indie Stitches shop. 
This indie pattern shop  caters for you, the lovers of Indie patterns as well as  supports all of us indie pattern designers!

Can i enter?

Of course you can silly! Everyone can! This sew-along & contest is open to all everyone who lives in this damn fine world, oh and that sews.

What must one do to enter?

OK here's how to enter the contest:

One  must upload  your completed Mae blouse photos onto the Bluegingerdoll  Flickr group  and also use the  tag Mae  on your photos to officially enter into the contest and go in the running to win the  prizes. Don't tag, not entered - Easy.

The sew-along finishes up on the 18th of September, so  you will need to have your photos uploaded  to the Flickr group by  22nd Sunday (aest)

Myself and some other very helpful elves will be choosing several favorites ( depending on how many entries roughly between 5-10)  from the Flickr group that will then be voted on by the sewing  public, that means you fine folk  out there,  for the chance to win the cool  prizes. 

Voting will opened up here on the blog  around the 23/24th September and close on the  27/28th September (aest). 

After all the votes are tallied up,  the  winners  will then be  announced in the following days thereafter, here on the blog.

Grab thyself a button:

If you care  join me... then grab a button for your blog and share the love.


Wanna be social?

Keep in touch with other sew-along participants, post your progress, ask any questions or simply have a gawk on the below social media stuff:


Instagram/bluegingerdoll -  #bluegingerdoll or #maesewalong 
(I post random photos of sewing, sneak peeks at things  but mostly of my dogs..)

Twitter/bluegingerdoll  - #bluegingerdoll or #maesewalong
 ( Where i sometimes rant)  - #Mae 
( Where YOU should upload your final Mae photos)

If you want to know more about the Mae sewing pattern, check out this post i recently i did on the reasons the Mae sewing pattern is on the awesome list.

Hope this Mae sew-along tickles ya fancy, cause it's going to be a good one!




  1. I can't wait to sewalong with the Mae pattern that I won! What are you fabric preferences for this top?

    1. I would recommend light to medium weight fabrics, cotton and cotton blends etc,its also a great stash buster pattern as well! ;)

  2. Just ordered this pattern! Such a cute shirt. Saw it on Lauren's blog and had to go and order it. Now that I see you have a sew along I guess I might just have to join in. Sounds like fun. Now I will have to figure out what type of fabric I want to use? ...not much time to decide. Hope my pattern gets here in time ;)

    1. Oh fantastic! Thanks for the support, you're going to love the Mae pattern!!! Definitely join in it's going to be blast and there is heaps of time to sew it up and get your final photos up. I recommend fabric such as light to medium weight cottons, cotton blends etc, they work the best ;)

  3. Ha, I have been panicking because I didn't think I could finish AND get pictures up by next Wednesday. So happy to see we have until the 22nd. I'm already behind - but I HAVE cut everything out so I need to get sewing. :-)

    1. Heaps of time, and its flexible.So just enjoy sewing up your Mae ;)


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