Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Vintage bed sheets..

A few months ago i got gifted some pretty cool sewing stuff from a family member. In the pile of goodness there were 2 vintage bed sheets, I'm guessing from the print from the 60's, any way they were in good nick apart a couple of small areas that had some sort of paint substance on them, but other than they were going to be sewn into something perfect, i just didn't know what yet. They are a lovely soft cotton, y'know when your sheets get nice and soft after awhile, that's what they had become, mind you they weren't worn through or anything, still enough life left in them but SUPER SOFT! And from the looks of things they were some high quality bed sheets, so win!

After a few good washes they were good to go....They did smell slightly musty and i mean they are bed sheets and i am  little bit of a germaphobe.. so the few good washes did good to appease my phobia and made them smell pretty ;)

Coolest print bed sheet print EVER!

Both of the sheets looked to be single bed sheets  i wanted to sew a dress out of them,  so i had to find a dress design that fit into the fabric length. I wanted something simple as well  because the print on the fabric is quite bold and i wanted it to be the feature, not too much busy-ness!

Lovely brown and green sheets

In the goodies pile, i got tins and tins of lots of random cool stuff, vintage buttons, belt buckles, pins... I'm telling ya this was a serious seamstresses whole lifetime collection. I wont show you the lot, just the bestest bits cause there is heaps!

Love this tin, has held the 2 best things in the world - Lollies & sewing notions!

Back to the vintage bed sheets, after having the sheets draped on my dress model for a number weeks, trying to decide what would be the perfect dress design to sew up, and procrastinating about actually starting to sew with the sheets, because  i knew that once i cut into the sheets then that was it! This fabric was a goner, so i didn't want to f*** it up  and sew something that i would never wear, EVER again, y'know those projects where it is well intended all the way till its all finished and then you wonder why the hell you even bothered to continue to finish sewing it! Then the penny drops that you have ruined the perfect fabric you have EVER seen, sad face.
So what does a girl do with that drama hanging over her head? I continued to procrastinate a little more.. till the day i  decided on a simple shift dress would be perfect and comfy to boot!

I used the below McCalls pattern, which  i had in my stash. I know how easy would it be to draft up.. but i just couldn't be arsed! I wanted a new dress ASAP!! I had procrastinated ENOUGH ;)
I picked it up on Etsy awhile ago, not sure of which shop now.
The pattern is  simple A-line sleeveless shift dress design, easiest most comfy dress to sew.

I went View C

Soz for the creases, i wore it to work
and had been sitting on my butt all day

I picked the brown sheet to sew into a shift dress, i just cant bring myself to use the green one yet.. its my fav!

The neckline and armhole are just simply faced, lapped zipper at the back - Easy peasy! And  I loved the loose fitting of the dress design, comfort factor 1 billion plus! Also hides post giant bowl of pasta belly, another win!

I have already worn this dress heaps  its just so versatile,  the perfect dress to layer with tights and cute cardigan, which is what i have been doing considering its still winter in ole' Melbourne town and its totally freezing,  but i cant wait to get this dress out in the warmer months, this cotton is  just  so light  weight and comfy, i think it will be nice and cool on those summer days.

Photo bomb!

I recommend everyone sew up a shift dress, they are the most versatile dresses EVER! And so easy to sew up, perfect for a beginner ;)

The  simple design  of the dress allows the fabric print too shine!

I think i possibly stood in dog s*** here

Yep i stood in dog s***

Now i just have to find THE perfect project for the green sheets...I'm thinking another shift dress!
I'm glad i gave these sheets a new lease of life, but i still cant help but think how cool they would be to have to use them as  actual bed sheets.. Groovy! ;)

What about you, have you ever up-cycled  any vintage bed sheets?




  1. Nothing like a simple shift that you can wear with just about everything! Great stash hull, those tins are just divine.

    1. I am love with me shift dress! What can i say, its awesome!
      The best stash hull, some serious stuff in there to ;)

  2. Super cute! I havnt myself as when I have been hunting at opshops they are never nice prints like that and on ebay they go for crazy money!

    1. I know vintage sheets go for a bomb in some places, everyone has caught on! This was a total score, best gift EVER ;)


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