Sunday, 11 August 2013

A lovely Mae...


Introducing the MAE blouse by Jen.

 Jen's sewing projects and photos are a constant  inspiration to me, this chick is amazing! Jen has tested the Billie Jean sewing pattern for me before and she did such an awesome job on it, so  i asked her to test my new Bluegingerdoll sewing pattern the MAE blouse , knowing that she would create something fabulous and it is just divine!

I am  going to just let the photos do the talking!



How amazing are these pants!!! They are the most flattering, gorgeous pants  i have ever seen... check out her post about them, here.




Head on over to Jen's blog and say Hi and have a read about her take on the MAE sewing pattern, and her other fabulous sewing projects, i will be inspired!

Today is also the last day of the MAE sewing pattern sale 10 % off till tomorrow!
Just use the coupon code LOVELYMAE2013.
Free worldwide shipping is also available!!!!
You can grab your copy on the WEBSITE or in the ETSY SHOP.

Thank you to all of you who have already shown your support and purchased the MAE blouse sewing pattern, sending you big giant hugs and lots of appreciation! ;)

Have a fabulous weekend!



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