Monday, 3 June 2013

The Billie Jean neckline & Bra Friendliness......

The neckline design on the Billie Jean sewing pattern, is one of the  design features that i am  so very  proud of. I managed to create it exactly to what i had been imagining..... After about a million or so tests and a zillion more  re tests, but  I  got there in the end and i couldn't be happier with it. I wanted to create a  neckline design  that was alluring, flattering, feminine and sexy but in a  elegant way, but in saying all of this i get the fact that this neckline design isn't conducive to covering up bra straps. My advice would be to wear  a either strapless bra or a bustier type bra with the Billie Jean dress,  which is what i do and they are awesome..... But if these bra suggestions are totally not your thing or  you cant be bothered going out and buying a bra just to go with one dress ....guess what?! You can easily adjust the pattern at the neckline, so it becomes more bra friendly and covers those pesky bra straps, but still keeps the  original elegant neckline design.

So here is a quick & easy tutorial in adjusting the Billie Jean neckline to cover thou bra straps:

I highly recommend making a muslin with the Billie Jean bodice, i have designed the bodice to be quite tight fitting and without much ease, to cinch in those waists ladies!

So you will  complete these adjustments when you are constructing your bodice muslin.

Step 1 - Try on your bodice muslin  and move the bodice shoulder up to the point where it covers your bra straps. Pin in place to your bra straps to hold in place. You will notice that once you started to move the shoulder up, the  neckline started to bunch out along the front neckline.This is the excess fabric you will need to pinch out to make the changes to the neckline. Make sure to pinch it out evenly on both sides of the neckline.

Step 2 - Pin  your pinched out fabric and  mark the changes on the muslin. Transfer these changes to your paper pattern pieces.
 Don't forget, you will need to complete this for the front AND back of the bodice  pattern pieces, so that your  shoulder seams match up.

Step 3- Redraw your bodice pattern pieces, truing up  the neckline as you go.

Step 4- Cut out your awesome fabric, and get sewing on your Billie Jean!!!

Step 5- Wear your bestest bra, granny bra, what ever bra.... cause you can now!!!

Hope this helps you with more bra friendliness!



  1. Could end up being totally wrong, but could add little straps inside the shoulders of the original bodice with snaps hiding the straps? Im not sure if they would stay comfortably...but its a thought! :)

    1. I agree, not too sure about the comfort level on that one, possibly a bit too much strain on the old shoulders - but it could work!


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