Tuesday, 18 June 2013

News & some house keeping ....

Just a quick post to apologise for being  just a little MIA at the moment.. I am still hovering  around in the shadows, sneaking a peek out every now and then!

So here is the deal at the moment at my little part of the world.  I am busy gearing up with the arrival of the Billie Jean paper pattern to send out to all of you lovely and patient folks, unfortunately there has been a slight delay at the printers, and i am expecting the pattern to be in my hands by next week and sent out you folks ASAP! My sincerest apologies for this i only just found out of this slight  delay. It is  totally one of those things that is out of  everyone's hands..... In saying this though, it  has been a steep learning curve for me and starting an independent sewing pattern business. I  have learnt some very  valuable lessons ( quickly), that  wont be repeated for future sewing pattern releases.

On a happier note  i have also been  working on some fabulous tutorials for the upcoming Billie Jean sew along! The sew along dates will be set very soon, and it wont be too far away -  so squirrel that away in the back of your sewing  memory bank. The sew along is going to be massive folks!  Mostly  due to the fact i have the  2 Billie Jean dresses to sew along about, so i am cramming lots of good sewing info in each tutorial for y'all. It has been a huge task but well worth it and i hope in the end you can learn at least one new sewing trick whilst making your Billie Jean.

Sew along tutorial

Oh and i  am also smack bang in the middle of getting the next  Bluegingerdoll sewing pattern design ready to release to the world. At the moment the sewing pattern  is in the frenetic stage of testing,tweaking, instruction writing, just  all the good stuff of  releasing a sewing pattern.... Did  i mention i also work full time at my day job, and like every other human i need to eat and sleep on a regular basis... But seeing as this is my second sewing pattern it is defiantly turning out to be much more of a smoother process than the first pattern, Billie Jean. As i said before I have had a few steep learning curves and made a lot more mistakes along the way, so this sewing pattern is and has been definitely a lot less stressful  and the path a whole lot clearer to getting the sewing pattern released. I have still needed some potato chips, ice cream to console me a few times along the way!

New sewing pattern sneak peek 

I am hoping i can reveal the next Bluegingerdoll sewing pattern design to you very very soon! I am really excited bout this one, it is oh so pretty!

Pretty fabric for my new sewing pattern design samples

So apologies for my absence,  there is a lot going on at the moment.Sit tight, i will  be back soon with regular posts and some real awesome stuff!

But remember you can still pick up a copy of the Billie Jean sewing pattern, PDF or Paper  on the WEBSITE, ETSY or CRAFTSY, and also join up to the Bluegingerdoll Flickr group and join in the sew along.

And one more thing, GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT is heading out so remember if you want to still stick around and read my rants you can still follow my blog and  catch me on Bloglovin ,Feedly, Facebook or just whatever means you like!

In the meantime i hope the Vintage pin up head scarf is keeping you busy, hope your making a million!





  1. Love the fabrics you have picked out for your samples. Can't wait to see the new pattern. :)

    1. The fabric is divine, it will compliment the new pattern design beautifully!


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