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Winter coat inspiration

Pretty tree out the front of our house

It is Autumn in Melbourne at the moment, the light is beautiful, the leaves are changing and it feels so cosy and a certain kind reflective mood has set up camp in my mind... but it is also FREEZING!

So i have been thinking that i need a new winter coat, nice and cosy, and totally glamourous!

Whilst i have been extremely busy with getting  Billie Jean finalised and ready for print, and i have  just finished making  a friends amazing wedding dress ( photos to come!!!! ), I have been amusing myself in random spare moments with gathering inspiration for my new winter coat.... I will most probably be  drafting my own pattern ,that way i  can piece together ideas that i like. I wont be  buying a commercial pattern, as i am yet to find THE perfect pattern! I am more inspired by the 40s and 50s style coats and their fit. Even  back then,  coats were  made to flatter the female figure not cover us up, like  most of the modern designs do.... like a sack o' taters...

So here are some really amazing vintage style coats that have my brain ticking over with excitement and ideas, enjoy!

The  fit of this coat at the waist, and the way it accentuates the hips...  amazing!

vintage 1950s coat / princess coat / 50s Black Princess Coat with Pink Roses and Peter Pan Collar

Love this cropped jacket, it would look great with both dress versions of Billie Jean.
Original 1950's Women's Short  Jacket Pattern Size 14 Bust 34 McCall's 4459

Ok not so fitted, but this is simple and  amazing because its reversible! This suits me totally, i am always spilling stuff down my front with this coat  i could just flip it and go.....

1950s Womens Coat Pattern Simplicity 3448 Long Reversible Kimono Sleeve Coat Womens Vintage Sewing Pattern Bust 32 Uncut

Love this length and style, casual yet classy

1950s Coat Pattern Butterick 6490 Bust 38 Womens Vintage Sewing Pattern Cuffed Kimono Sleeve Day or Evening Clutch Coat Swing Era UNCUT

This is amazing, that side pocket feature is stunning, yet practical!

1950s Vintage Sewing Pattern Simplicity 3368 Misses Brunch Coat Housedress Dress Size 12 Bust 30 1950 50s

Another beautiful design, so the full skirt of the coat is so flattering, and the cinched  waist.

vintage 1950s coat / wool 50s princess coat / Sturm und Drang

1940's coat, the even longer length is flattering, the back skirt of the coat sits perfectly, and again so figure hugging and flattering.
1940s Princess Coat - Vintage 40s Dress - Black Rayon Full Skirt M - Princess Noir

Dont blast me or hate me,  but i would love to have a fur coat, love the colour of this one.
1950s coat / mouton fur / Chestnut Swing coat

Look at this floor length housecoat... i would feel so glamorous in this vacuming and washing the dishes!
1950s Vintage Full Length Housecoat Pattern Butterick 5375 Kimono Sleeve I Love Lucy Brunch Coat Vintage Sewing Pattern Bust 34

Look at this amazing herringbone coat with chevron stripe, i need some of this fabric...

vintage 1950's chevron stripe coat

This is only what i have found on ETSY, i am not even going to go into  what i have pinned on  PINTEREST ..... I am definately heading down the road of a fitted waist and full skirted coat.

All this inspiration is heaps exciting, but with more pattern designs currently in production, and a million other ideas floating around in my head,  i may just  be heading down to the shops and buying a new winter coat straight off the rack....Maybe a  next winter project??!!!

Have you ever made  a coat for yourself?  What sewing ideas have you long been planning?




  1. Its totally coat weather - I was looking on etsy for inspiration lsat night too!

    (and wearing fur. I feel its OK to wear pre-1960s fur, as they didnt know better. Plus, its paying more respect to the animal that died than just putting in the rubbish).

    1. Etsy is the best for shopping and inspiration!
      i agree with the pre-60s fur and paying respect to the animal..


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