Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Billie Jean in Vegas...

I am so thrilled to share this with you! Billie Jean went to Vegas, baby!
 Never would i have thought for a second that there would be a Billie Jean dress all the way over in the US, let only Vegas, i totally squealed with delight, when Meg sent through her photos. I
 have to admit though, Billie Jean was totally destined for Vegas!
I kindly asked if Meg she would  be happy to try out the pattern for me, and i knew she would come through with the goods... i bugged her the whole way through, i was sooo excited to see her final dress! And i couldn't wait to  see Billie Jean on someone else, especially someone as gorgeous as Meg, she totally rocks it!
 She chose a fabulous shiny shantung and a striking striped cotton for the lining.
                         The  contrasting fabric looks amazing.

I love the fact that Meg ran with the idea that the sewing pattern is completely versatile and is easily adaptable for it to be modified and  experimented with. Modifying dress 2 of the sewing pattern, Meg changed up the skirt from the gathered skirt to a extremely flattering circle skirt, which gives the dress a totally new look. Enough though the dress is vintage inspired, Meg's version shows just how great it can look, with more of a modern twist, with a shorter hem length.

                  Billie Jean Dress 2 with full gathered skirt
Check out all the details of  Meg's fabulous version of the Billie Jean  dress 2 and all the fabulous things she has made over on her blog: megmadethis.
So if you have made a Billie Jean, i want to see it, i have set up a page on the blog for you showcase your Billie Jean - its so exciting and i cant wait  to see every one's take on the pattern, and the ideas that are in the making... 

The Billie Jean sewing pattern is currently available and up for pre sale, at fabulous pre sale prices, you can pick up the pattern on the WEBSITE, ETSY or CRAFTSY.

The paper pattern will be available from printers and ready to ship mid June - but there may be a possibility that will earlier, cross my fingers! The PDF pattern you can download ASAP and have a Billie Jean sewing pattern on your project list tomorrow!
Remember the pre sale ends on the 15th of May - that's next week! Then prices will revert back to RRP, So grab the pattern while its cheap! The pre sale is also helping out with the printing costs of the pattern.
I will also be organising a Billie Jean sew along for all the neat sewing techniques the pattern has, so stay tuned for that!


  1. Gorgeous! You must have been thrilled with those pictures of your dress enjoying Vegas.

    1. Oh wow i am still ready to explode from excitement! Its so awesome! And Meg looks so divine in her Billie Jean :)


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