Friday, 17 May 2013

Billie Jean in Green

Heading towards the end of the pre sale, which has been extended until the 19th May, here is my final Billie Jean dress sample to share with you. Excuse the photos this time around, Melbourne freezing, dark and  and cold at the moment, and i am  getting home in the dark, so  my only option is for photos to be taken  inside. Oh and i ain't heading outside in this weather with this dress on! 

I may possibly be addicted to this type of Hawaiian fabric, especially when making a Billie Jean, i tells ya, dress 1 of the Billie jean pattern, loves it!

The Billie Jean pattern calls for Dress 1 the wiggle dress to be fully lined, and Dress the full gathered skirt to have only the bodice lined. I have lined all of my Billie Jean's, and it did occur to me i haven't shown any inside shots of the Billie Jean dresses, so here are a couple:

I lined this Green Billie Jean with a soft white cotton, for the comfort factor, but obviously you can line the Billie Jean dresses in whatever you chose, but i do  recommend sticking to lightweight fabrics. 

Nice hand stitching  with the lining at the zipper, if i do say so myself!

So there you have it folks, the final of my Billie Jean dress samples, buuuutttt its not the end, the more the make the pattern the more ideas i have for it  - so stay tuned!

 Also if you haven't heard the Billie Jean sewing pattern pre sale has been extended until the 19th May this Sunday, so grab a copy before it goes back to the RRP.

Or if you consider yourself bit of gambler and want  to see if you can win one of two copies of the pattern up for grabs, check out the Billie Jean pattern giveaway over on Paunnet's blog:

Giveaway ends on the 19th of May!

So tell me which is your favorite Billie Jean?

 Have a great weekend.



  1. It's lovely!! Where do you shop for your prints?
    Not long to go now, I've got a few fabrics already picked out to make both versions, it will actually be my first wiggle dress, I have always been too scared because of my tummy pudge but hopefully will all go well! :)
    Its so so cold, my heaters on 30 just to make my house feel like 20 :s I do have a cookie monster onsie thats getting alot of use lol

    1. I have had this print for some time, i cant really remember where i originally picked it up from! But i usual just randomly stumble across cool fabric all over the place, not really any one particular place ;)
      I totally recommend making a muslin for the wiggle dress, as it is quite a tight fit - as a wiggle dress should be! I know it has been freezing lately, already over it, bring on summer ;)

  2. wow va va voom! looks awesome Abby! Hawaiian prints really do suit this style


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