Saturday, 4 May 2013

Billie Jean & Horses

OK, this is a slight diversion away from the Billie Jean dress sample posts i have planned, but it is still in the same context, and i had to share these cool photos.
So i did finally get around to getting some more photos of Billie Jean, i waited and waited for a good day on the weekend, and for the sun to shine, but the last few weeks, and especially the weekend i needed to do the photos, Melbourne had the coldest, bleakest weekends ever!
But i decided to forge ahead, head out to the location and just try to get some kind, any kind of ok photos of Billie Jean that i could.. and it was freezing!
We headed out to a property just out of Melbourne, where my horse, Digger lives. It a sprawling, massive Arabian horse stud that has been around for yonks and has the most beautiful, established  huge gum trees all over the property. I am originally a country bumpkin, hailing from Traralgon, a country town about 2 hours from Melbourne. Heading up to Melbourne when i was 18. It was  the usual 18 year old  exploration/ break away/ small town suffocation... but  i couldnt leave my horse behind, he has been in the family since he was 6 months old and is now in his late 20's... so he came with me ! He is originally from this horse stud, so technically he was coming home.
So in blabbing on about all of  this,  horsey photos have been added, but unfornately on this day, my baby was a total snob - but we made other friends.

So without further ado, check out the pretty photos:

A curious friend. 

 All wet from the sporatic down pours

My Baby boy from afar - really not interested to come and say hello, despite offerings of carrots and apples.

Hanging by a gum tree
Doesnt everyone stand in the middle of a grass patch?

Another horsey photo

Check the tree - it was massive! Oh and this Billie Jean version has the BEST in seam pockets!

This the look of this storm rolling in, we headed home.
I am sure you are aware of the current Billie Jean sewing pattern pre -sale, BUT a friendly reminder never hurt!  So if you havent already picked up a copy of the Billie Jean sewing pattern, its currently up for pre - sale, at an awesome prices:
Paper copy $14.50
PDF $10.50
This is a total bargain for a sewing pattern that has basically 2 dress patterns on the one, you cant get better than that!!!!
You can grab it on the WEBSITE, ETSY OR CRAFTSY.
Pre-sale only until the 15th May, then the prices will revert to retail.
And keep your eyes peeled for some really awesome cool stuff that happening soon around these parts!
Have a great weekend dolls!



  1. I am so jealous. I have always wanted a horse. I can't even take riding lessons as I don't drive (and there are no riding places near public transport *sad face*). You look gorgeous as well....but I am still distracted by the horseys!

    1. Thanks lovely! Its every girl's dream to have a horse :)


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