Sunday, 7 April 2013

Give the man a shirt..

I had promised for a while that I would share the sewing love and make my man something, he really wanted a shirt made. It has been hanging up half finished for the last couple of weeks..due to the Billie Jean pattern circus,but i managed to finish  it this weekend for him.

I didn't use a commercial pattern. i  decided  to take the opportunity to test  my drafting skills as well, see if I could draft for someone else, so i drafted it from scratch.
 I was being ambitious but I was determined to push myself to a new limit. And it worked! thank f**k, but  truly it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be drafting the pattern, only a couple of changes to the initial pattern with the fit  - but i am glad that part was over, trying to find time while  the footy was on to test the fit on him, was a pain in the butt!

Brett chose a soft flannel fabric which was really easy to work  with and already has that nice fav piece of clothing feel to it..The Bernina made the bestest button holes  EVER!

 Sleeve roll test

 Hmmm..putting fav slippers and jeans forward!

Apparently this is a natural pose

Hahahahahaha - I wasn't too fazed with matching up all checks on the fabric, i just kind of went with the flow and it turned out pretty good. It also has a yoke on the back, totally forgot to take a photo!

 I did have to consult a few sewing books throughout the sewing process, seeing as i didn't have any instructions to go by, but i now have a set of scribbled instructions to the shirt that only i can understand, but probably wont be able tomorrow....

Special Winnie cuddles, still such a baby dog

Watching and waiting for the storm to roll in...10 secs later torrential rain

Overall Brett was really happy with shirt, the next shirt order request rolled in  about 5 mins into putting on the shirt, so ill be adding that to the project list!

I thought i would throw in a photo of my baby as well - he had a busy Sunday.

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Hope your weekend was awesome!



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