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Billie Jean sewing pattern PRESALE LAUNCH MAY 1st 2013

Finally the date is set  to launch the Billie Jean sewing pattern for pre-sale!

I'm so excited and you should be too, go on and grab your diaries and pencil in May 1st  for the Billie Jean pattern pre- sale launch.

The reason for a pre-sale, i hear you ask?!
Not only to be able to offer a great deal on a new indie pattern for you gals,  but to also offset the actual printing costs of the paper pattern.... i mean whoa the printing costs are extreme, there has been talk of selling organs on the black market, but in saying this paper patterns will be worth it!

So for the pre- sale i am hoping, crossing my fingers and toes that i can reach my  goal of  200 patterns being sold.This amount would offset all the printing costs of Billie Jean  and also will go towards my next pattern design and releasing it to you fine folk.
 I am asking for your help, not only because i totally 100 % believe in the pattern  and it is my passion and i am really proud of it, but also because it is just little ole me, trying my hardest and using every spare cent i have and have found squished in the couch to start Bluegingerdoll and release this awesome pattern.

I really have put a lot, i mean a LOT of time and effort into Billie Jean, so you can and  will enjoy sewing the pattern AND the best part of all you  will have a dress in your wardrobe that is flattering, a classic design and that will cater for both your  bombshell and sweet girl next door personalities - I will admit i currently have 5 Billie Jeans in my wardrobe, with more being dreamed about...

So here the are the important pre- sale details:

Pre-sale dates:

The pre - sale will run from May 1st 2013 through the 15th of May 2013.
The shipping date to you wonderful folks, will be  mid June ( if all runs smoothly)  for the paper patterns, sorry i cant get around this one, but it will be worth the wait!
PDF lovers you get yours ASAP!

How much will the pattern be during the pre -sale?

The Billie Jean paper pattern will be $14.50 during the pre -sale and the PDF will be $10.50.

Where can  you pick up a copy of the Billie Jean sewing pattern?

You can pick up the Billie Jean pattern on the shiny and new WEBSITE or in my  ETSY shop. Both will  have the Paper & PDF copies of the patterns.
But if you are more of a CRAFTSY inclined person, the PDF copy of available on there as well :)

What will i get with  my pattern?

Both paper and PDF patterns  include easy and clear instructions with lots of diagrams to help you sew Billie Jean without any trouble, i worked extremely hard on these, because i know what its like to be completely and utterly baffled when reading instructions, and putting a dampener on the whole sewing experience - but  in saying this, i do recommend the pattern for intermediate sewists.
The knowledge that the pattern has been tried and tested by some really awesome pattern testers, and ME!
I have tested this pattern thoroughly, worn it doing everyday  activities,out on the town, to work - all over!
I promise i have made sure  you will be very  comfortable and glamorous at the same time- and i guarantee its soooo comfortable - you will get a lot of wear out of these 2 dresses ( such a mum thing to say ...)  and possibly a few wolf whistles as well!
What else will you get? A warm fuzzy feeling that you are supporting an indie pattern designer! Yay!

So it would be awesome if you can show your support for the pattern, and Bluegingerdoll... It would mean the world to me! Please  spread the word through whatever means you have - blogger, facebook, twitter just  whatever works for you, just please help me share my passion and get this gorgeous dress out there to the sewing community!

So pencil in May 1st - this WEDNESDAY for the pre- sale launch of Billie Jean!

Keep an eye out for the announcement of the giveaway winners tomorrow on the blog as well.



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