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As I get closer to releasing the Billie Jean pattern  for real!   I thought i would let you know i am taking care of all of you sewists out there and  that Billie Jean will be available in PAPER  patterns and PDF download, YAY!
This is really exciting because from the start i decided with Bluegingerdoll that i would  release all my patterns in both  paper and PDF download and to make this actually happen is a relief.
There are pros and cons with paper and PDF pattern , and I know this is totally a  personal preference thing  and definitely revs up some hot debates across the online sewing community.
I personally only have one bone to pick with PDF patterns, and that is that  i have to add seam and hem allowances onto the pattern - doing this almost certainly cancels out the instantaneous satisfaction of buying the PDF, so that being said the Billie Jean PDF version will come with seam and hem allowance all included for y'all,  none of this adding it yourself business crap - i want you to enjoy sewing the Billie Jean pattern the whole way through!
I'm not one to back away from a little bit of a debate, so lets open the flood gates on this one!
What do you prefer?
Paper or PDF patterns? 


 For me if i had to pick a fav out the 2 patterns options i would pick the paper pattern. I  compare  it to buying vinyl records over Cd's -  vinyl all the way, although i do tend to keep the plastic on them and not even play  them, but that's beside the point. There is something about having that artwork for my own, OK i m getting sentimental here!


 I mean nothing beats having the actual pretty pattern in your hand , the anticipation you get whilst  waiting for it to arrive in the post, daydreaming about that perfect fabric you have stashed away, thinking  about where you going to wear it and how awesome you gonna look in it!
Come on, we all do it :)
 But the main reason why i love paper patterns, being an  independent pattern designer and now seeing patterns from this viewpoint, i understand the time, effort, blood sweat and tears  and maybe a few tantrums  that goes into each and every detail of designing and creating a pattern design.
From start to finish, so much hard work goes into them to ensure the sewing experience is seamless,  you get to create a perfect garment at the end of it and that a  rad pattern is released into the sewing community. I now truly appreciate all the work that has gone into  that  paper pattern when it arrives in my letterbox. 
Also  being able to keep the actual pattern, kind of like a keepsake for years to come,  and the thought of the patterns becoming vintage patterns one day, and being found hopefully by some  sewing enthusiasts in the future is fun to think about :)
 But then again  if i really love a pattern design and cant sleep, eat or stop dreaming about, then i will get in whatever format it is available in.... i just have to have it! Oh and i am also slightly impatient so the instantaneous nature of a PDF pattern satisfies my impatient side. To  be honest, i  really don't mind sticking together the PDF print at home pattern, takes me back to my kindergarten days and is somewhat relaxing.
 OK so i guess I'm a fan of both paper and PDF, but fear not if you are a lover or hater of either one of them, doesn't matter with Billie Jean - I got you covered ;)
Oh and remember if you haven't already entered the BILLIE JEAN PATTERN GIVEAWAY, it ends on the 27th of April - that's the end of this week folks - so get on it and enter!
Oh and its gonna be the pretty paper version for y'all.... Hopefully you will take some satisfaction from receiving the paper pattern that has a whole Lotta pride attached to it :)
FYI - Mid June it will  be shipped  out to the winners.
 And please share the Bluegingerdoll love around to the rest of the sewing community, i would totally appreciate it :)
Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days for the official  release date of Billie Jean, Yay!



  1. nice your blog!!!!!:)

    I follow you:)



  2. Honestly, paper patterns all the way for me.

    I can see why people like PDFs, there's an instantaneous element to it, you buy it, and it's out of your printer within ten minutes - but personally I despise having to match it all up and tape it together and then measure it out and then cut..
    It seems too time-consuming for me, really! Whereas with a paper pattern you unfold it, measure it, cut it out and you're ready to sew without the fuss of searching around for the sticky tape!

    1. I agree, paper patterns are my fav, but i dont mind a little bit of cutting and sticky taping now and then! :)

  3. Oooh yay, you've released the pattern details!! I personally prefer paper patterns as well.

    Downloading, printing and then having to tape it all together before i can even get to the cutting out part (and making any pre-cutting out changes) means it's a slower process having to download.

    Although there is the argument that downloading means you have it instantly and can print it out as many times as you need it. So there is an argument for both, but i like paper :)

    1. I totally agree, i can see both sides of the argument as well - but paper patterns are my fav overall :)

  4. oh wow... such a talent!

  5. Personally I like the paper version better as well, but often the best patterns are available online! Love the slimfitted version of the dress!


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