Wednesday, 17 April 2013

BILLIE JEAN envelope unveiling and GIVEAWAY!



I am very excited to finally share with you the Billie Jean sewing pattern envelope design!
 I cant express how awesome it is to share this with you peeps! It has been a long road, this all started WAY before i announced any news of patterns on the blog.. so to see it all starting to come together and finally get the ideas out of my head and created into a real life product is really exciting but also really surreal at the same time. I think its real  pretty and i am really proud of how it turned out!
 Billie Jean is sized 4 - 18 and all on the one pattern page . The back envelope cover also has both metric and imperial measurements provided, and finished garment measurements! 
So to celebrate the unveiling of the  Billie Jean pattern envelope and to show my thanks for all your kind words and support,  I want to give you the opportunity to win a copy of the Billie Jean sewing pattern!!!!!

Thats right its giveaway time!

Two  lucky sewing enthusiasts  will  have the chance to each win one of  2  copies of the brand spanking new  Billie Jean sewing pattern!!!!!

 How to Win:
 There are 2 steps to follow for your chance to win:
All you have to do is comment on this post, answering both the steps below:
Step 1
Tell me which Billie Jean Version personality you are:
Version 1 Pin up bombshell
 Version 2 Sweet girl next door
And briefly why!
Step 2
Follow the Bluegingerdoll blog on:  
Or just where ever you want too, cause did you know that Google Friend connect has been given the boot?! Yup... not good for keeping up to date and following your fav blogs. I have already shifted across to Bloglovinand Feedly, so just do a quick search for Bluegingerdoll to find me!
  If you are already following along  on either one of  these 3 or elsewhere you  are still  very welcome to enter as well!
 Entries are open to everyone from anywhere in the world.
The giveaway will close on the  27th April 2013 and the winners will be randomly selected and announced on the blog  29th April 2013
Please note winners will receive patterns  after presale / release and when patterns are printed and ready to be shipped, hopefully mid - late June 2013.
 Don't forget to comment on this post, answering both steps to enter!


  1. What a wonderful giveaway! I am definitely Billie Jean Bombshell, although I do adore a great crenoline. I cannot wait to make both versions of this lovely dress! Congrats on a beautiful first pattern <3

  2. Oh, and I am also following on Bloglovin. Not sure if I needed to mention that or not :)

  3. I'm a blogger dashboard gal, and even though my saddle bags aren't made for that bombshell you make it look so gorgeous that I'd go ahead and attempt it anyway!

  4. love the floral dress, very pretty ;)

  5. What a fantastic pattern! I've always considered myself the demure girl next door and so I tend to gravitate toward fuller skirts but recently I've been feeling more bombshell-y. I just bought a form fitting dress and I'm a bit nervous to see how it will turn out!

    And yes, I'm so sad about google reader. Following with feedly now!

  6. Oh lovely! I'd like to think of myself as a pin up bombshell, but given my tendency to stay in and knit/sew/read rather than go out and party, I'm definitely a 'sweet girl next door' kind of person!
    I've been following you on bloglovin all along! : )

  7. my inner mom self would say "girl next door" .. but after having baby #3 i don't need any extra fullness around the waist :) here's to hoping i can pull it off . .go bombshell go!!

  8. It's hard to choose a favourite version of the dress. At home I would say Sweet girl next door, but I would change to Bombshell if I had to go to a party at night.

  9. I'd love to wear the bomb shell dress but I'm more incline to dress like the girl next door. It's fun to dress like the girl next door but still act like a bomb shell.

  10. What a pretty pattern. I am the girl next door. I love a full skirt. And I just can't pull of the sexy hair and make up. Well maybe if I knew how to do the hair and make up. The girl next door can be sexy too. I am using gReader and am following your blog. It's like Google reader but better.

  11. I am the Bombshell type. Walking 5 miles a day everyday rain, snow or shine helps me to maintain a good figure even @ 50&.
    Great giveaway.

  12. I think I prefet girl next door, because it's more fun to shock people by acting like a bombshell while dressing so innocently!

  13. I guess I am the Bombshell type. I love fitted clothing, especially pencil skirts. They just give you a confidence boost!
    I am following you via feedburner. wumbs [at] gmx [dot] de

  14. Congrats on your first pattern!
    I really like the look of version 1, but I think I would feel more comfortable wearing version 2 ;-)
    I've just joined bloglovin so I can follow you there!
    Happy Sewing,

  15. What a great pattern. It has to be version 2 for me (I've too much luggage in the back for version 1 - ha ha).

  16. Great! Count me in! I think I tend towards sweet girl next door...though I can also go the bombshell route. I find the sweet girl next door dresses more wearable for everyday and bombshell dresses are more for going out! Am now following you on bloglovin! Such exciting news about the pattern line!

  17. What a great dress pattern! My initial thought is girl-next-door but I've been losing weight and am turning into a bombshell. I'd have to make both and see!

  18. What a great pattern! I've only just discovered the pattern and your blog today! I'm now following you on Bloglovin. I guess I'm the bombshell type just because I like the fitted silhouette more than the loose flowy one.

  19. OOOOOOH I love this dress!!
    I'm definitely the Sweet girl next door in looks only!! I love pink and pastels and full skirts. There is nothing better than rocking a dress with a big skirt and a petticoat!!
    Even if I don't win this pattern, I'll be making myself a Billie Jean dress when this pattern is released!

  20. First off, congratulations on getting the pattern printed!
    As a Michael Jackson fan, the name Billie Jean is definitely a winner for me, the fact that the pattern is gorgeous makes this onto the buying list.

    As for what look I'd fall into - I'd say "sweet" girl next door. I use the term sweet lightly, as full skirts are easier for hiding bottles of bourbon in! ;D

    Following you on Bloglovin'!

  21. Hmmmm I'd have to say sweet girl next door by day when it's me and the kids...bombshell by night when it's me and the hubby. Either way, that dress is a knockout!
    Following you on Bloglovin'

  22. Wow what an amazing pattern! I would be the sweet girl next door as I love flowy 50s style dresses that come in at the waist... There's just something about vintage style dresses that makes me feel so pretty! I would really love to make that dress xx

  23. I like the Bombshell dress - with my wide hips I can not wear those wide skirts ;)

    Follow you on Bloglovin'


  24. Congrats on your first pattern! and I love the name Billie Jean :) I think i would probably be more of a sweet girl next door as I like being a bit playful, but I would totally make both versions, they're gorgeous! I'm following you on bloglovin' :)

  25. I was wondering if friend connect was going, it's such a shame!
    I'm the girl next door type, I can see myself making up the dress in a beautiful blue liberty print, I have.
    I follow you via Feedly and will eventually get around to bloglovin, I hate technicalogical change.


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